Five Up-and-Coming Streamers on Twitch

Five Up-and-Coming Streamers on Twitch

Sam Leichtamer checks out five new streamers to keep an eye on.

Out of the realm of eSports, Twitch has become home to a huge number of streamers. Let us introduce you to five entertainers who know just what building an awesome gaming community is about!


Twitter: @TessGames

Everyday: 11AM - 6PM EST

Tessa is a gamer who plays for the thrill. She was first inspired to stream on Twitch just about a year ago after she learned the space wasn’t just for eSports. “I had only watched Twitch for Eve Online competitions,” a game she was admittedly addicted to. “I don’t think I understood what Twitch was about until I saw CohhCarnage. He’s all about building an amazing community and creating an experience for his viewers, and I wanted to do that too.”

First game live streamed? Dead Space. “I love playing games that get my adrenaline going… I like a game that’s challenging and maybe a little scary at times. I love anything that revolves around space or zombies and so that game was perfect.”

What sets your stream apart? “When I started playing Outlast I started wearing a heart monitor on stream, because I’m a runner and I had a heart rate monitor to train by. I realized when I was playing Outlast I wanted to show just how fast my heart was racing, so I figured out a way to display it on stream. Now I wear it all the time.”

Favorite emote? “I tend to get lost a lot in games, so I have a Tess Lost emote that is a confused looking kitty.”

Now playing? Bloodborne. “Lately I’ve been playing a lot of Bloodborne, which I’ve completely fallen in love with. It’s super funny when I’m fighting a boss, I have to focus or I won’t beat the boss, so my way of interacting is having the heart rate monitor so they can see my heart rate go from the low 80 to 140’s. I get that into it. It’s hilarious!”

What can people expect from your stream? “I love talking to my viewers and having them help me navigate whatever game I’m playing. I feel like we’re all in a living room playing together and that’s what my stream is about - including them. My goal is to create a fun and positive environment for people to hang out. I try to show my viewers every new game that comes out, so you can expect a good variety of games.”


Twitter: @0BurkeBlack0

Every night: 10PM-4AM EST

What are some games that influenced you growing up? “Ever since my dad put a controller in my hand, and it was Pong for the Atari, I’ve been in in awe that I could control something on a television screen. After that, every time I play a new game I always get that feeling. Final Fantasy VII still blows me away… Fallout 3 when you first step out of the Vault… Star Wars Galaxies, which was my first MMO experience. No MMO can live up to it.”

First game live streamed? Just Cause 2. “They took Just Cause 2 and this mod team made it online multiplayer so I jumped on and said, I’ll just stream it and see what this is about…”

Favorite emote? “It’s all very Pirate themed. See back when we were playing GTA V when it first came out, you didn’t make guilds, you made crews. My name was Burke Black so my viewers named themselves The Black Crew, and from that they started calling themselves The Pirates. The whole community chose the pirate theme for this channel and it sort of took off from there. So we have all pirate themed emotes like a ship and a black flag, but their favorite emote right now is Burke Epic, which is me screaming with my fists up in the air.

Now playing? Bloodborne. “I really enjoy those kind of games because I can just be myself and just go crazy and die many times, which always makes everyone laugh, so its always a good time. I enjoy playing pretty much anything with good entertainment value that matched my personality. Not every game does. I tend to steer away from some of the RPG’s that have a lot of reading.”

What can people expect from your stream? “You’re going to see a fat pirate for the most part! [Laughs] When you first pop in you’ll notice the chat is always going and people are polite and kind. It’s a PG-16 channel so we don’t really get nasty or cuss. There’s not many places on Twitch where you can go to a nice clean room and not have to deal with people being nasty towards you.”


Twitter: @TheHaleyBaby

Weekdays: 9AM-1PM, Weekends: 6PM-10PM PST

Don’t be fooled. Although TheHaleyBaby is cheerful and bubbly on the outside, beneath her happy-go-lucky demeanor and Texan charm lies a fierce competitor who doesn’t mess around.

“I come from the Call of Duty scene and I actually competed on the MLG circuit from 2011-2014. It was so much fun. It was stressful but it was fun. I mainly competed in Call of Duty: Black Ops and Modern Warfare 3 up until Ghost. Now I play Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, but just for fun!”

What was your first experience streaming? “My internet was terrible when I started, but I didn’t give up. Then I moved into an all-girl streaming house in Las Vegas, and that’s where my streaming career kind of kicked off. It’s really fun and I’m very blessed to be able to do what I’m doing.”

Now playing? “3 months ago I made an announcement that I have decided to be a variety streamer. I’ll still play Call of Duty sometimes, but now I play any game. It could be an MMO, a horror game — I love horror games! I’ve recently been getting into Minecraft, Bloodborne, Dragonball Z, and Life is Strange. I can’t wait for episode 3, [of Life is Strange] it’s going to be insane!

Favorite emote? For some reason, and I have no idea why, my viewers love my knee— we call it ‘knee cleavage.’ So when I hit 500 subs, I’m going to add an emote of my knee.”

What’s been the most gratifying part of this for you? “The people I meet. Knowing that I can put smiles on people’s faces everyday. I’ve gotten some pretty intense messages from people. The most satisfying feeling is knowing that I can change, maybe not their life, but just their attitude about life and be a positive part of someone’s day. Knowing that you can do what you love to do, but also make people happy and smile, is the most satisfying thing in the entire world.”


Twitter: @FuturemanGaming

Times: Mon, Wed, Thu, Sun: 5:30PM EST

What can people expect from your stream? “An engaging story of a man from the Future... that’s me... who’s travelled back in time to stop video games in the present, before they destroy us the future. High energy, engaging, and willing to play anything, I must defeat the games… FOR THE FUTURE! [Laughs] I usually play games on PC, but I just got a Playstation 4, which I am super excited about. Can’t wait to play some Bloodborne and some Grand Theft Auto V with my viewers!”

First game live streamed? Dark Souls: Prepare to Die. “Well, I made the mistake of playing Dark Souls: Prepare to Die edition for my first game. [Laughs] I died so much!! Honestly, it was a good choice for me because there weren’t many people on Twitch that were playing for the first time, and there was still a solid viewer base for the game. The game is truly a masterpiece. The feeling of finally beating a boss was so exhilarating, and experiencing that with others watching was one of the coolest experiences I’ve had on Twitch”

Why Twitch? “The first thing that drew me to Twitch was simply the games. If I wanted to see what a certain game was all about, I would go check it out on Twitch. Before long, I started coming back for something different. I was drawn to the sense of community. I was a HUGE lurker...shout out to the lurkers [laughs] but eventually, I thought, how cool would it be to get involved with that and start my own stream! Connect with people from the other side. So, I did just that!”

What sets your stream apart? “If you’ve never been to my stream, you’ll find it’s VERY different from most channels and I think that’s what draws people to it initially. I have pretty high production value and when paired with my Futuristic setup and backstory, you have a recipe for something unlike anything else on Twitch. My viewers, the NERF Squad, and I get pretty hyped up at times, but we also know how to chill out and really dive into a game. Lots of layers to my stream, but it’s all about being entertaining and having fun.”

Favorite in-joke? “If something goes wrong with the stream, we call the assistant to the president of the future, ‘Steve’, a character that I voice using a vocal transformer, and usually give him a pretty hard time. Everybody in chat will start jump in saying stuff like, ‘Come on Steve!’ or ‘Friggin Steve!’”

Now playing? “I’m a variety guy. I will play anything! We just beat Hotline Miami 2 recently, and last week I dipped into Rainbow Six Siege and World of Warships to scratch that multi-player itch a little bit. I juuust started playing Shovel Knight and oh my god, it’s fantastic. The music, the art style, the gameplay, I love it! Honestly, I love all games from the AAA titles to the indie games.”


Twitter: @Puhdado

Time: 11 AM - 7 PM PST

What was you’re first experience streaming? “My first experience streaming I was terrified. I was shaking because I was so nervous. I made it through about 20 minutes of Battlefield 4. I decided to keep doing it because I enjoyed playing games anyways and I enjoyed all the people on Twitch who were into talking and getting into debates about games, so I thought if I was going to play them anyway, I might as well broadcast them and get a conversation going and that could be fun.”

What sets your stream apart? I pride myself more than anything on viewer interaction. If I see someone in chat say something a couple times a day, I’m always going to remember them. I went through such a quick transition from being a viewer to watched streamer that I have the benefit of knowing what viewers look for in the kind of stream I put on. I picture everything I love about streams that I enjoy and try to incorporate those things into mine to create and enjoyable experience for my viewers.”

Now playing? “I’m pretty dedicated to DayZ, but I will try out other games in the zombie scene which I’m big into. Grand Theft Auto V just came out on PC so I’ll probably go on some heists. I try to mix in the big titles as well if there’s an interest there, but you’ll mostly find me play first and third person shooters and some RPGs. If and when the new Fallout game comes out, I’ll be playing that. I like games that give you that open-world, play at your own pace type of feel because they allow me to interact with my audience.”

Favorite emote? I’d say it’s a picture of my pitiful, Shelby’s head. She sleeps on the chair next to me when I’m streaming and when she gets excited because I yell or something exciting happens in the game, she’ll jump down off the chair. I have hardwood floors so you’ll hear her paws clicking around. I’ll always say, ‘Shelby, if you’re going to get up you have to come say hello to every-one!’ and the Shelby emotes will fly through the chat. She’s the star of the stream for sure, people love her.”

What’s been the most gratifying part of this for you? “Doing something that I’m completely in control of. Whether it fails or succeeds, it’s all on me and it’s something I really care about. I get the chance to really be proud of what I’m doing and create the exact type of content that I want without having to censor myself. You also meet a lot of really cool people. I encourage people out there who want to stream to just get out there and do it because it’s not as hard as you think it is. I never thought I’d get this far. It’s a low risk with potentially high reward. The quick decision to start streaming has completely changed my life.”

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