60FPS More Important Than 4K For Dying Light 2, Says Dev

60FPS More Important Than 4K For Dying Light 2, Says Dev

Techland is prioritising 60 frames per second, over 4K resolution on the upcoming Dying Light 2, but 4K might still happen.

Dying Light 2 was one of the surprise announcements at E3 2018. Industry veteran Chris Avellone was revealed to be working on the story with the developer Techland, and now the team has spoken out about the technical targets for the zombie sequel.

An in interview with wccftech, Techland lead designer Tymon Smektala revealed that smooth 60 frames per second gameplay is more important for Dying Light 2 than a 4K resolution. Although Techland is putting frame rate ahead of resolution on consoles, there's apparently a chance Dying Light 2 might be able to hit both 4K and 60FPS on the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro.

"The most important for us is the fluidity of movement because it’s a parkour game. You really have to be immersed in how you move through the city, so 60fps is more important to us than 4K. But, we still have a year to optimize, and we have real wizards when it comes to optimization, so perhaps we’ll deliver both 4K and 60fps", Smektala said to wccftech over E3 2018.

Smektala also reveals in the interview that Dying Light 2 will be running on the all-new C-Engine. This is apparently a step up from the previous Chrome Engine, which is the engine that the original Dying Light was running on.

Although we don't yet know a concrete release date for Dying Light 2, we do know that the survival sequel will be hitting PC, PS4, and Xbox One at some point in 2019.

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