8BitDo Updates Controllers With Nintendo Switch Support

8BitDo Updates Controllers With Nintendo Switch Support

A solid directional pad without the crazy Pro Controller price. Amazing.

Retro-style peripheral creator 8bitDo has updated many of its controllers with a new firmware release that allows them to support the Nintendo Switch. Firmware version 4.0 lets owners hold the Power and Y buttons on their 8bitDo pads for one second to access Nintendo Switch mode.

The updated controllers include the NES30 Pro, FC30 Pro, NES30, FC30, SNES30, and SFC30, which is nearly all of the company's lineup. The Zero and N64 controllers were not updated with the new firmware.

8BitDo stresses that not all Switch features or games work on Pro and non-Pro controllers.

"8BitDo controllers do not support HD Rumble, 6-axis motion controls or Amiibo scanning with the Nintendo Switch," says the company. "Non-Pro controllers may have limited support with certain games."

In Switch mode, the Pro controllers' Power button becomes the Home button on Switch, while the Pair button becomes the screenshot button. For the non-Pro controllers, a lack of buttons means some compromises. Down on the directional pad and Select at the same time act as the Home button, with no screenshot button option. And they only have two shoulder buttons, not the full four on the Pro controllers.

The Switch support joins the 8BitDo's existing compatibility with Windows, Steam, Android, and MacOS. This makes them great controllers to take with you across a variety of platforms. You can pick up the Pro controllers for around $40 online.

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