Nine Insane Moments Caught on Twitch

Nine Insane Moments Caught on Twitch

Here are a few of the most hilarious, appalling, or just straight-up outrageous moments in Twitch history.

When cameras are running, something crazy is bound to happen. For those who live stream on Twitch, those happenings are sometimes witnessed by thousands of people at the same time.

Lucky for us, many of the craziest moments have been immortalized on Youtube. So with that, let’s begin our journey to some of Twitch’s most attention-grabbing broadcasts of all time.

Syndicate Reaches 1 Million Twitch Followers

Tom Cassell, more commonly known as ‘Syndicate,’ is a popular Youtuber, Streamer and social media figure who found his claim to fame playing Halo and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. On August 17, 2014, he became the first streamer in history to hit 1 million followers, surpassing Riot Games.

As of March of 2015, he has amassed over 1.7 million followers and currently holds the 2nd place spot, just under one of Twitch’s founding fathers, Justin Kan.

You can watch Syndicate, here.

Oddler Falls Asleep on Stream - Birth of ‘ResidentSleeper’

Gamers love in-jokes, so it’s no surprise how much we’d appreciate Twitch’s ability to capture the funniest stream moments through emoticons. The birth of the emoticon ‘Residentsleeper’ came about when Oddler passed out cold during a 72 hour broadcast. As you can see in the video, the chat went wild. (If only it was that easy for all of us.)

Swifty Crashes WoW Servers

Swifty is a popular World of Warcraft player and streamer best known for his PvP skills and his time as a great fury warrior during Vanilla WoW. He was also notorious for pulling all kinds of stunts on stream. In the video above, Swifty and his raid managed to successfully crash the servers of Arathor, Daggerspine, Tichondrius, and Sargeras and even got a thread made in an effort to ban everyone for the trouble they caused.

After the thread was brought to the attention of his fans, it was flagged into a lock. Swifty still streams WoW today.

You can watch Swifty, here.

Twitch Beats Pokemon:

Twitch Plays Pokemon was a gaming social experiment launched by an anonymous Australian developer on February 12, 2014 where players were given the power to decide the characters actions through a series of commands sent through the chat to an emulator. Twitch estimates that over 1.6 million people participated in the stream and it held an average concurrent viewership of 80,000 people. After a 16 day period of non-stop play, the viewers (or as they call themselves, 'the hive,’) managed to complete Pokemon Red.

To fully understand the meaning of Lord Helix or Bird Jesus, we highly suggest the History of Twitch Plays Pokemon

Twitch is still playing Pokemon as we speak. Join them!

Sodapoppin Gets Banned From WoW

When it came to on-stream pranks, no one was higher a target than WoW player Chance Morris, aka, ‘Sodapoppin.’ In this particular stream Chance had his account banned due a breach in security where a hacker was able to obtain his new account information via a Blizzard employee by pretending to be him. After a quite funny call with Kyle, the customer service representative, Chance was able to restore his lost items and gold.

Today you can find Chance streaming a lot less World of Warcraft, here.

Sajedene Robbed on Stream

Normally robbers keep on the lookout for cameras, however the thieves that stormed the home of Dota 2 player, Sajedene, had no idea they were being watched by hundreds of strangers on her stream.

Fortunately, everyone involved was okay, and the thieves were arrested the following day.

You can watch Sajedene, here.

Phantoml0rd Arrested on Stream

During a massive DDoS attack by a group that operates under the alias ‘DERP,’ League of Legends player Phantoml0rd became a direct target. By following his stream, DERP was able to successfully take down each of the servers he was playing on. This live play-by-play of a massive DDoS attack earned over 140,000 viewers. At its peak, Phantoml0rd was able to get one of the attackers on Ventrilo, where the attacker admitted to the takedown of Dota2,, EA, and Reddit.

After the Ventrilo call, DERP was able to obtain Phantoml0rd’s personal information and then made a call to police reporting that Phantoml0rd was holding five hostages in his home. It was then that he was detained while his house was raided.

You can watch Phantoml0rd, here.

Ziloan OP is a fraud

Don’t pretend to be handicapped. It’s insulting to those who actually suffer from physical limitations and it is just plain wrong to use pity to procure donations from sympathetic viewers. Would anyone actually do this, you ask? Well, that’s just what popular Diablo 3 streamer, Ziloan OP did. He was outed as a fake when he shocked his followers when he stood up out of his wheelchair and walked away when he thought his camera was off.

His Twitch account was banned shortly thereafter. He probably streams somewhere still… but honestly who cares?

Kaceytron joins Sky_mp3 along with SivHD, Total Biscuit, and Destiny, to argue tropes

There are noble streamers out there who have a genuine love for their community and use that to drive them to success… and then there are streamers who have found one way or another to exploit themselves for views.

The morality of the latter has been a hot button topic, frequently debated since the inception of Twitch. In a Youtube video titled “Dear Female Streamers,” Sky Williams — a Youtube personality and popular League of Legends streamer— publicly criticized certain entertainers on Twitch whom he felt, set women back in the game space.

During a recent stream, Sky Williams Kaceytron called him out on Twitter, to which he responded by inviting her to ‘talk it out’ on stream. Three other influential streamers joined them: Destiny , TotalBiscuit, and SivHD. Over 35,000 people stuck it out for their 1-hour politically heated discussion.

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