A Bug Has Made the Ring the Most Dangerous Enemy in Apex Legends

A Bug Has Made the Ring the Most Dangerous Enemy in Apex Legends

Sorry Crypto, you've been upstaged.

Being stuck in the damage zone of Apex Legend's arena-constricting ring isn't that bad in the early game. You can usually make it back into the Round 2 safe zone so long as you have a few healing items or a Lifeline on your team if you know the ring is coming. On Apex's new World's Edge map, some players are getting killed by the early ring not for a lack of map awareness, but because the ring's suddenly activating right on top of them.

Two users on the Apex Legends subreddit have captured clips of the ring blinking into existence right on top of them, catching them by surprise and forcing an unfeasibly long trek back into the safe zone.

In previous updates and for certain game modes, Respawn Entertainment has changed the speed and damage of the ring for game balance purposes. The recent patch notes don't specify any changes to the ring for World's Edge, suggesting this new ring behavior is a bug.

It's a significant difference in ring movement from the game's previous map, Kings Canyon, where the ring always approached from beyond the edges of the playable space on the first round. Dying by the ring is frustrating enough in a battle royale when you know the map, and is doubly so when you're unfamiliar with the terrain, making it seem like escape is impossible.

Another Reddit user discovered a mismatch between the in-game terrain and the game's minimap that cost them a match thanks to the ring. Respawn lead level designer Jason "Monsterclip" McCord noted the error in a reply.

Respawn developers have yet to acknowledge the ring's seemingly accidental buff, but they are monitoring a bug megathread on the Apex Legend's subreddit as well as Electronic Art's official support forums. For now, to avoid the ring's sudden wrath, acquaint yourself with the central drop zones in World's Edge and maybe think twice before hitching a ride on the map's shiny new train.

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