A Bunch of Games Are Getting Pulled from iOS in the Wake of the Latest Update

A Bunch of Games Are Getting Pulled from iOS in the Wake of the Latest Update

Back to the Future, The Walking Dead, and Ghost Trick are among the games that have been pulled since the release of iOS 9.

It's that time of year. In the wake of Apple's iOS 9 update a few weeks ago, a lot of rather popular games are getting pulled from the App Store.

Several older Telltale Games have been pulled, including Back to the Future, The Wolf Among Us, and The Walking Dead. You can continue playing these games if you've already purchased them; and according to Telltale, they are still available for re-download for previous customers. Everyone else will have to wait until Telltale gets their games fixed, though.

Telltale opted to pull their games due to issues including missing sounds, freezes, and outright crashes. On their official support site, Telltale wrote that they are in the process of investigating these issues, "During the investigation, we will be temporarily removing the affected apps from the App Store while we work to resolve these issues."

The Wolf Among Us.

Telltale's games aren't the only titles affected by the update. Capcom pulled Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective earlier this week, even going so far as to remove it from players' purchase histories. BioShock and Monster Hunter Freedom Unite have also suffered various problems, with BioShock being temporarily pulled as well.

iPhone owners should be familiar with this annual dance by now. Read the comments for the majority of iOS games after a major annual update like iOS 9 and you're bound to find people complaining about major bugs. Some games take weeks and even months to get lined up with the latest version of an operating system.

With luck, these games will be fixed in relatively short order. In the meantime, can I suggest some Wayward Souls?

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