A Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Musician Has Regrets About One of Its Most Famous Songs

A Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Musician Has Regrets About One of Its Most Famous Songs

The lamentations of a tragic guitar player.

There's a lot to love about Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, and one of the biggest reasons is right there in its title: Its soundtrack is a veritable symphony. As Alucard scrambles through Dracula's castle, he's accompanied by everything from classical strings to hard rock. Over the weekend, the memory of said hard rock spurred a lament from the man behind the axe, Tak Fujii. Fujii regrets that the guitar he used to shred through "The Tragic Prince" is out of tune.

Fujii cried out in pain after "140 Seconds VGM," a Twitter account that posts snippets of game music, posted Symphony of the Night's famous Clocktower tune. "Such a great composition but damn guitar tuning," he tweeted in turn. "D'oh D'oh D'oh!"

Symphony of the Night's soundtrack, which was composed by Michiru Yamane, is never neglected when games writers break out their "Best Of" lists. Fujii's excellent guitar work takes no small credit for that. But as someone whose father was neurotic about out-of-tune guitars thanks to endless struggles with his 12-string Gibson B-45… yes, I can hear the guitar is a bit out of tune. "The Tragic Prince" was admittedly never one of my favorite Symphony of the Night songs for that reason.

That doesn't mean I hate the song, of course. It still rips, and it goes for an impressively long time without looping. Fujii gets a solo near the end of the song, which apparently took over 100 retakes.

One composer following the drama did Fujii a kindness by re-recording the solo. As you can see with the fingerwork, it's not an easy song to play. Out-of-tune guitar or not, Fujii still deserves buckets of praise for his work on Symphony of the Night's shrieking electric guitars.

All that said, the award for "Best Castlevania Clocktower Music" goes to Super Castlevania 4's remix of "Bloody Tears."

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