A Destiny 2 Beta Player Was at the Farm for 15 Hours

A Destiny 2 Beta Player Was at the Farm for 15 Hours

One player searches for Destiny 2's heart of darkness.

Like a modern day Jack Kerouac novel, one Destiny 2 beta player found it their mission to stay as long as possible in the virtual wilderness that is the Farm, Destiny 2's new social hub.

Bungie opened up the farm for exactly one hour over the weekend to test how many players could comfortably occupy the space. Even though it was scheduled to close after the short testing window, one player found that they could stay if they never leave.

Apparently the beta doesn't actually kick you from the Farm as long as you remain active, leading to one player's 15 hour sojourn on the farm. A Reddit thread started by the player chronicles their lone, mostly soccer-filled, journey at the farm. Other players who chose to stay apparently were kicked at around 11 hours.

The remaining player has chosen to occupy his time with soccer, kicking the Farm's lone ball around into different parts of the area.

Into the wild

Unfortunately the party had to end eventually. USgamer reached out to GhStRdR2k on Reddit who told us that after 15 hours the servers booted them. "Unfortunately... I was planning on staying for at least 24 hours but I needed sleep," they said. "I tried to set it up so I wouldn't get kicked for being AFK but I was kicked anyway sometime during the 15th hour."

We even asked what kind of methods they tried to remain logged in while they slept. "I've tried things in the past like rubber bands on the sticks and that never worked," GhStRdR2k admitted. "I found a video saying if you just stay in the character menu it would keep you in the game. So I tried for 20mins and it worked, then for 40mins and it worked. Left it for an hour and when I came back I was in orbit."

The Destiny 2 beta has been extended until tomorrow, but there's no word yet if Bungie will open the farm again. Despite their best inetentions, we must all venture back out into civilization (or orbit), but the call to nature will hopefully allow us back into the farm when Destiny 2 launches in full on September 6 for PS4 and Xbox One.

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