Leaked Destiny 2: Black Armory Cutscene Reveals Huge Spoiler

Leaked Destiny 2: Black Armory Cutscene Reveals Huge Spoiler

This could have some pretty big story implications for the future of Bungie's FPS.

Ahead of the Black Armory update launching for Destiny 2 players next week, it looks like a cutscene has somehow leaked online from the upcoming content drop. Be warned, there are some serious story spoilers for not only Black Armory, but also Forsaken within this news post.

Still with us? Great, because it appears as though Uldren Sov is very much still alive in Destiny 2: Black Armory. The cutscene that you can see at the bottom of this page certainly seems very real, and has some pretty big story implications for the future of Bungie's FPS.

So, if the cutscene is real, and Uldren Sov has been resurrected by a Ghost, he might not remember anything from his past life. In other words, as those on Reddit have pointed out, he should have lost his memory of everything that took place in the Forsaken expansion.

Then, there's the whole "dare" mess to consider. Cayde-6 originally had a dare going, before his untimely demise in Forsaken, that if a Guardian killed him, they would become the new Hunter Vanguard. However, folk on the Reddit thread are reporting that Commander Zavala currently has a line in-game that says they will not be recruiting a new Hunter Vanguard at the present time.

If Uldren Sov has been resurrected by a Ghost, then that makes him a Guardian. If he's a Guardian, does that make him eligible to take up the mantle of the Hunter Vanguard, as he's the one who killed Cayde-6? The cutscene definitely does leave us with more questions than answers.

As we previously mentioned, Black Armory is all set to begin next week, but only for those Destiny 2 players who own the Annual Pass. For a walkthrough of all the new content coming to the game, head over to our Destiny 2 Black Armory guide.

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