A Fashion Guide: The Real-Life Styles Behind Splatoon 2

A Fashion Guide: The Real-Life Styles Behind Splatoon 2

Are those semi-affordable Yeezys I see?

Splatoon 2 pays homage to a whole lot of things. Shibuya. Squids. The exuberant fashionable youth culture of Japan. But most recently, eagle-eyed players on Reddit and beyond have noticed another thing: a pair of shoes that almost exactly replicate Kanye West's Yeezy line of sneakers.

Yeezys are notorious for being extremely hard to get. Usually as soon as a new line goes on sale, within moments they sell out. In Splatoon 2, the Yeezy-like sneakers are nearly as hard to cop in the paint-splattering game: the Black Norimaki 750s cost a steep 9800 coins, being a three ability slot accessory and all. But Yeezys aren't where the comparisons end, nor even begin. Splatoon 2 is littered with faux in-game brands, brands that hit incredibly close to home sometimes. (Also, are completely unisex in a cool twist.)

Souvenir jackets have been the jacket of the moment for what feels like years at this point. It's a typically-satin bomber jacket with embroidery stitched usually on the back in some intricate design. Souvenir jackets got their start in the most un-fashion savvy of ways: they were literal souvenirs purchased by American soldiers stationed in Japan post-World War II. To commemorate their time spent in the country, they brought many embroidered bomber jackets home to their loved ones, as well as to recall their own time spent in the country.

Eventually, souvenir jackets (also known as sukajan in Japanese) evolved past its post-World War II origins. The jackets became fashionable, popping up not only on the streets of Harajuku and beyond as a fashionable accessory, but in high fashion along cat walks, and more. The souvenir jacket, while disappearing from high fashion these past couple seasons obviously, has remained a mainstay in day-to-day style. And Splatoon 2 has its own jackets to join the trend, intricate detail on the sleeves and backs included.

The Studio Headphones on the green Squid Satin Jacket-clad inkling also point to actually-existing accessories. The Studio Headphones look an awful lot like Panasonic's retro-styled headphones. (In fact, I own a pair of the pink ones, they were a lifesaver on college commutes.) In the game, another pair of headphones (Noise Cancelers) also look a bit similar, doing away with the clunky, borderline ugly trend of most gaming headphones (or the boring look of Beats by Dre).

Honestly, the outfit above is like my go-to outfit. Oversized sweater of sorts, leggings, sneakers, a hat with my hair tied up. Altogether, they make for an effortless look that doesn't look intentionally lazy, even though it 100 percent is. The gear pictured here are all of the high-end in Splatoon 2—that is, they have three ability slots each. The black sneakers (Arrow Pull-Ons) look a whole lot like Reebok InstaPump Furys. InstaPump Furys aren't as garish as InstaPumps proper, but they stand out from your average sneaker all the same. Meanwhile the black crewneck is one that you could find basically anywhere, except for its tight cut and lower back-half. The visor is something you could find at any ol' shop, and honestly, is probably the least "fashionable" thing on this particular squid kid get-up. But whatever. What is a squid kid, if not bringing things back into style?

Fancy the Squidfin Hook Cans headphones? You're in luck, because HORI made exact replicas of them (with swappable color plates on the ears) to the tune of the Splat & Chat headset for the Nintendo Switch. The headset itself is kind of a mess on its own (what with 15 feet of cords and all), but as a plain pair of headphones, it's the ideal pair if you're planning on perfectly replicating an inkling outfit anytime soon.

The tattered shirt above is one that harkens to the metal band tee trend that was prevalent for a time—so much so that the aforementioned Kanye West made his own metal-esque tees for his Yeezus tour. Ushering past metal bands, general vintage band tees have taken the fashionable elite by storm. Hell, Kylie and Kendall Jenner sold band shirts with their faces plastered onto them for some bizarre reason. (Yikes.) Otherwise, getting neat band shirts (or band-like shirts) is easy from Hot Topic. (I can already hear you groaning.) But trust me, Hot Topic has surprisingly gotten better over the years. The days of Tripp pants are long gone.

This might be the most attainable look, just looking at your closet now. Plaid flannels are timeless, after all. I tend to buy a lot of my lazy flannels at Uniqlo, the Japanese chain brand that's expanded internationally in recent years. For those with glasses, stylish frames like these are easy to come by on online fronts like Warby Parker (even if they're pricey), Firmoo, or Coastal.

I could easily analyze the slightest real-life details that mirror the many, many attainable clothes of Splatoon 2 forever. In the meantime, I'll hault this right here, and direct you to elsewhere: the Twitter hashtag #SquidOfTheDay. #SquidOfTheDay is where a lot of Splatoon 1 and 2 players are sharing their ever-changing outfits every day. Sometimes their outfits are constructed depending on their mood. Sometimes on what they think looks cutest. Sometimes it's a mess too—a mish mash of gear just to grind out abilities for a particular high-tiered accessory. In the end, Splatoon 2's fashion cycles just as often as the clothes we wear daily. Unrestrained, unbridled, always extremely cool.

Also in case you were wondering, yes that is myself and our very own Mike Williams' equally rad squid kid hanging out in the header. Our squid squad is legendary.

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