A Gears 5 Glitch Gives Players a Glimpse of What It'd Be Like as an FPS

A Gears 5 Glitch Gives Players a Glimpse of What It'd Be Like as an FPS

It seems more like a plain old bug than an unfinished feature.

As Gears 5 nears its official September 10 release, Game Pass Ultimate subscribers playing the game early are encountering some glitches across the spectrum from frustrating to intriguing. Solidly in the "that's kinda neat" category is a glitch that sets the player's view to first-person, giving a look at what the Gears of War franchise might be like if it traded the staple over-the-shoulder perspective for a Gear's eye-view.

The glitch, first captured by Twitter user ArturiusTheMage on September 7, has been replicated by a couple other players. Some say they were glitched into the new perspective as the game transitioned into or out of a cutscene. It's likely the case that something is causing Gears 5 to skip over a check to reset the camera to its intended perspective after changing it for the duration of a cutscene. The weapons seem pretty well-aligned with the crosshairs in a typical FPS fashion, but nothing else about the models or animations suggest that this was ever implemented as a view that players were supposed to see.

So far, nobody has posted steps to replicate the glitch or uploaded footage of the glitched FPS view enabled during combat, so it'd be a stretch to say Gears 5 is really "playable" (let alone feels good to play) this way. Reddit user mpdaog found that the view reset to third-person when they opened a door, and if you find yourself affected by this glitch it seems to be the kind that will go away after restarting the game. If you're hoping for a permanent way to play the game like it's an FPS, intended or not, it seems you're out of luck at the moment.

Developers The Coalition haven't commented on this glitch, but it's keeping its official Twitter up-to-date with frequent updates on Gears 5's online stability, which players have been struggling with since its Game Pass launch last week. For more on Gears 5, read our review and check out our guides to the game's collectibles, Horde mode, and more.

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