A Hack Put the SNES Classic on the Nintendo Switch

A kind of virtual console.

News by Matt Kim, .

If you're bummed that the Switch players might only have a chance to play a select offering of SNES and NES games on the Switch without a Virtual Console, there might be some hope yet. At least if you're willing to break your console's warranty.

Sadly, the Nintendo Switch might only support classic SNES and NES games through its Online Subscription Service since Nintendo confirmed that the Switch will not have a Virtual Console. Luckily, hackers are always looking for ways to circumvent the lines of what's doable on a console (and what's legal).

Sam Breadman, a YouTuber and hacker, seems to have taken the SNES Classic software, complete with its UI and game library, and put it on the Switch. The video he posted only shows him navigating through the menu, but the SNES Classic's custom UI is seen running smoothly on the Switch.

While the SNES Classic isn't all that powerful, and can presumably run on the vastly more powerful Switch, it once again asks the question of what the Switch is capable of.

We know from a previous GameCube hack that the Switch can run a GameCube emulator as well. So we know basically that if Nintendo wanted to, there might not be a lot standing in the way of giving the Switch a huge digital library of old games. Nothing hardware-wise anyways.

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  • Avatar for SIGGYZtar #1 SIGGYZtar 5 months ago
    I'm a bit surprised that the SNES Classic GUI isn't widely used on Retropie, tho I just learned that the Pi and the SC use different hardware.
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  • Avatar for ericspratling56 #2 ericspratling56 5 months ago
    Like ONE day before Nintendo announced the form that their Virtual Console replacement was going to take, I sort of wondered if they would start offering downloadable retro packages for the Switch of some (if not the same) content as what's on their mini-Classics for a slightly reduced price tag. I mean, I wouldn't pay $80 for a SNES Classic, but to be able to play all the *games* on it on the go, for $60.

    Seems even more unlikely now.
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  • Avatar for Wellman2nd #3 Wellman2nd 5 months ago
    Biggest concern as a Switch fan is that they will see more value in the 'remaster' sales of post SNES titles instead of putting those games as part of their Retro offerings they are giving with the Switch online services.
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