Letter from the Editor: A Big Change Ahead for USgamer

Let's talk about what's in store for USG in 2017, shall we?

Column by Jeremy Parish, .

2016 has been packed with surprises, and in the spirit of this tumultuous year, I'd like to offer my own unexpected twist to the pile! Namely, I am stepping down as editor-in-chief of USgamer.

I know, announcements like this are supposed to be prefaced by a soul-searching preamble to ease readers into the news, but I thought you might appreciate someone giving it to you straight for once. Besides, I've done more than my share of soul-searching over the past few months, in private. It's been an especially difficult year for me on a personal level, one full of devastating losses and enormous challenges. All of this has led me to pause, reflect on my life, and realize that perhaps this role isn't ideal for me right now.

To the gossipmongers and tongue-waggers, I apologize: There's nothing particularly juicy about my departure. I wasn't fired, or pushed away, or usurped. I'm not leaving because the site is in trouble, because I hate my managers, because I think the company is doomed, or anything salacious like that. USgamer and Gamer Network are doing well; everyone here likes me; and I like them. I'm simply heading out because, well, sometimes that's the thing to do.

It's the thing to do for me personally. 2016 has taken me into my 14th consecutive year as a full-time member of the mainstream gaming press - meaning 14 of the 18 years I've been a functioning adult member of the capitalist system have been spent embedded in the daily grind of covering video games. On one hand, I recognize how unbelievably fortunate I've been. It's difficult enough to break into the games media at all, let alone to somehow survive the business' upheavals for nearly a decade and a half. I'm grateful for the opportunities I've had and thankful to everyone who has helped me get here. On the other hand, the constant, unending, daily grind of this business becomes pretty exhausting after so long, especially at the EIC level (where I've been for about five years now). Do you know the last time I took a vacation during which I didn't have to file or story or deal with some panicky work-related crisis? It was in 2013... in the week between leaving my previous job and coming to USgamer.

Journalism means you can sleep when you're dead.

Stepping down, I think, is also the thing to do for USgamer. I'm proud of the site the USG team has created with me over the past few years - we set out to create a major gaming news destination with high-quality, in-depth editorial as its bedrock, and we've accomplished precisely that. Millions of people read this site every month, despite the fact that we focus on multi-thousand-word think pieces rather than clickbait headlines: Something most of the rest of the internet would tell you is impossible. We've accomplished a lot here with a small team, and a lot of hard work, and I'm incredibly proud of the team and this site – my site, in many ways. USgamer has been my life for more than three years now. There's a lot of me in here.

So yeah, I'm perfectly comfortable here, and I could certainly remain in this role for years. But would that be the right thing for me to do? Last week, I wrote about this year's excellent "B-games", and I think I might have given away the plot a bit there. I confess, I find myself somewhat alienated by the current direction of the games industry: Unconvinced by incremental hardware upgrades, unenthused by the VR boondoggle, unexcited by rigid AAA game design formulas mandated by the need to recoup hefty development investments. It's not impossible for someone to run an interesting site centered around covering those matters from an outsider or adversarial perspective, by being an aggressive cynic... but that's not really my thing. I gave up on cynicism for its own sake a long time ago, and I know too well how hard game creators work (even when they're constrained by the system) to take any delight in trashing their efforts. There's far too much negativity and hatred in our current social climate, both in games and otherwise, and I don't want to contribute to it. Nor, I think, does anyone at USG - we're all good people, here.

It is therefore my great pleasure and honor to hand over the reins for USgamer to one of those good people. Kat Bailey will be taking over for me, putting on the boss' hat as she steps up to become editor-in-chief for the site. I've been working with Kat in various capacities for, good grief, almost a decade now? So I've had a front-row seat to witness her growth as a writer, as an editor, and as a leader. Over the past year in particular, Kat has demonstrated an endless well of creative inspiration for feature ideas, a canny sense for what people will want to read, and a sincere determination to make USgamer a success. All of that comes in addition to her other great qualities: Her unique combination of interests, her experiences both as a member of the games press and on The Other Side in development, and her distinct social perspective. I think the games press has seen no end of straight, white, middle-aged dudes like me as EICs; people who don't fit that description, like Kat, rarely have the opportunity to call the shots. I'm eager to see what USgamer becomes with her at the helm by bringing such radically different experiences and perspectives to the table.

I will not literally be giving Kat my boss hat. Unlike her, I have male pattern baldness to contend with.

As for myself, I guess this is where I'm supposed to announce that I'm moving over to another site or signing on with a big publisher or something, but actually I don't really have any firm plans. I'm flying without a net at the moment, which is vaguely terrifying, but also liberating. For now, I'd like to explore some ideas that I haven't had the time or freedom to do while working as a full-time journalist. I'll definitely be trying my hand at game localization, something that's interested me for a decade, to see if I'm any good at that. I had considered finally creating the game I've been wanting to design for as long as I can remember, but Axiom Verge and a host of other indie metroidvania games make it pretty moot. Alas! I snoozed, I losed.

So instead, I'd like to focus on something far fewer people are doing: Attempt to help properly document the history of video games. I've been a game history dilettante for my entire career in the press, but now I'd like to see what I can accomplish by putting my full effort into it. Retronauts and Game Boy World have been fun and fulfilling weekend projects, and my hope is they can become even better if I can bring them off the sidelines and into the limelight. I hope you'll check in from time to time to see how that's going.

Don't think you've seen the last of me here at USgamer, though. You don't get off that easy! I'll be sticking around as a full-timer until the end of January to help ensure a peaceful transition of power, as the saying goes, and after that I'll still be contributing regularly to the site with a weekly column (and probably some other writing, too, if they want it). Anyway, we're all interconnected here on the Internet. You can follow me on Twitter - @gamespite - for a daily supply of lame puns and (hopefully decidedly less lame) musings on games, media, and occasionally even social and political matters.

And of course I'll still be commenting here. Even though the site's social tools begin and end with article comments, USgamer has built itself into one of the finest communities I've ever had the pleasure of participating in. Outside of the occasional drive-by troll, everyone always has thoughtful, intelligent remarks to share on our writing... and most shockingly of all, you're always polite even in disagreement. Writing for you, and discussing our work afterwards with you, has always been one of the real pleasures of this job, and I'll remain an active part of the USgamer community even after I'm no longer part of the full-time USgamer team.

So please give your full support to Kat and her team - Jaz, Nadia, Mike, Jeremy (who no doubt will share my relief at no longer having to wonder which Jeremy is being addressed at any given moment), and whoever else Kat brings on board. They're a great team capable of creating great writing, and they're already hard at work on reinventing the site for 2017. I'll let Kat speak to her intentions on her own time. For now, I can honestly say I've enjoyed working with them (and everyone else who has passed through the USgamer team) over the past few years; they're simply the best. I'm looking forward to enjoying their work as a reader, which should be a lot more chill than reading it as the person responsible for it all... and I hope to see you all in the comments section. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support, both for USgamer in general as well as for me and the vision I've brought to the site. I'll see you around, OK?

This is where I am legally obligated to say something about "all the fish." So it is written, so it shall be.

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  • Avatar for yuberus #1 yuberus A year ago
    I've dug your perspectives here, and while I will miss seeing them as often I'm really excited to see Kat as EIC. Will definitely be excited to see what's coming with your own projects!
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  • Avatar for jacobshafer86 #2 jacobshafer86 A year ago
    You were the reason I started reading USgamer, and Kat is the reason I will come back and read it when you are gone. Best of luck.
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  • Avatar for StrwbrryJams #3 StrwbrryJams A year ago
    Good for you, Jeremy! Let me express appreciation for what you have built here at this site, and the people you have brought on. Congrats to Kat, and I'm excited to see how she leads the site.
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  • Avatar for tsamba #4 tsamba A year ago
    Retronauts and Game Boy World already seem like way more than "weekend projects," so I'm looking forward to what they'll be like if you plan to put even more time into them!
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  • Avatar for bullet656 #5 bullet656 A year ago
    I've been a big fan of your writing since I discovered you on 1up a few years before it was shut down. Like many others, you're the reason I started reading this site when it first started. Good luck on whatever you decide to do next. I'm glad you are doing what you want to do.
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  • Avatar for garion333 #6 garion333 A year ago
    Bittersweet. Sad to "lose" one of my favorite writers, but damned glad that Kat is being given the rei(g)ns.
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  • Avatar for YokaiRobo #7 YokaiRobo A year ago
    I will miss your work here Jeremy, but I know that Kat will do great as EIC.
    I hope you find your calling and will always follow your work wherever that may be.
    Thanks for the great content.
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  • Avatar for Kadrom #8 Kadrom A year ago
    Good luck Jeremy and congratulations Kat!

    Re: your dream indie game--I don't remember there being Goonies with jetpacks in Axiom Verge. Keep the dream alive.
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  • Avatar for NYCAlex #9 NYCAlex A year ago
    I'm already on the Retronauts/GB World bandwagon, looking forward to what you have planned.

    I think USG is left in good hands with Kat and company!
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  • Avatar for mobilesworking #10 mobilesworking A year ago
    Looking forward to whatever's next, JP. Best of luck to Kat and the rest of the USG team (not that they need it; they're doing a fine job already).
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  • Avatar for LunarKnite #11 LunarKnite A year ago
    I've always enjoyed reading your articles, Jeremy. You were the main reason why I keep coming back to USgamer; I find that your tastes in gaming largely mirror my own. I'll definitely be frequenting the site still, but will miss your measured tone of writing. Good luck in your future endeavors!
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  • Avatar for Karisu #12 Karisu A year ago
    Sad to see you stepping down, but excited to see what both you and Kat do in the future. Very interested to see where Retronauts goes in particular!
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  • Avatar for Namevah #13 Namevah A year ago
    My two favorite writers (not only at USG, but the entire industry) moving away from my favorite site is disappointing, but I respect your decision and desire to move into a new direction. At least you'll have more time to work on your YouTube stuff. Needless to say, new installments of Metroidvania Chronicles and The Anatomy of Final Fantasy VI are long overdo.

    Of course, I will continue to be a regular visitor of USGamer, and look forward to how the site will change and improve under Kat's tenure. I'm sure she'll do great.
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  • Avatar for NateDizzy #14 NateDizzy A year ago
    Like many others here, I've following your work since 1up and it's definitely sad to see you step down. That being said, knowing that Kat is taking over as EIC is a great way to soften the blow. Good luck in your future endeavors, Jeremy.
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  • Avatar for kingaelfric #15 kingaelfric A year ago
    As a longtime fan of your work, all I can say is: mazeltov!
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  • Avatar for kevinbowyer34 #16 kevinbowyer34 A year ago
    Sorry to see you go jeremy. Dont forget to play the great mid tier games still being made (indie and otherwise)
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  • Avatar for Thad #17 Thad A year ago
    You know, I was all set to be bummed out, but this sounds like good news. Kat is a great choice for EiC, and I look forward to seeing you refocus on the stuff you're passionate about. See you around.
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  • Avatar for cldmstrsn #18 cldmstrsn A year ago
    Damn Jeremy hate to see you go but to have you stay would be selfish on my part. To me this is more than a game news website. Its a place I know I will have the best articles, the best comments and the best responses. Even the people who dont agree with me or I with them provide at least a good dialogue or back and forth. This site is special and I cant wait for this next year. I hope you do well in whatever it is you pursue and hopefully ill see you in some of the comments!Edited December 2016 by cldmstrsn
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  • Avatar for snowscrow #19 snowscrow A year ago
    I've always enjoyed reading USGamer and thanks for all of your efforts in making this site one of the best around. I'm sure Kat will be great as EIC and I'm excited about your future endeavors!
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  • Avatar for qwilman #20 qwilman A year ago
    About as graceful as an exit as anyone can ever hope for. I've watched you do a lot of great work from 1up to USGamer and everything that happened at the same time. Despite everything I still think games journalism is better than it's ever been right now, and you're a big part of that, plus I'm looking forward to seeing the site grow with Kat at the reigns.

    Enjoy a rest, you deserve it! Looking forward to everything that comes afterward.
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  • Avatar for mappyland #21 mappyland A year ago
    Best of luck, Jeremy! I've been following you and your work online for a long time, and I'll keep on doing so after you leave here. Very excited to see what's in store for USG with Kat at the reins!
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  • Avatar for megamanfan1500 #22 megamanfan1500 A year ago
    Like many here, I have been a fan of yours since the 1up days, and more or less followed you here when that site shut down. While I am sad to see you leave, I am excited for your future, and equally excited for the future of this site as I am excited to see the new direction it takes. I have all the confidence in the world in you, Kat, and the rest of the Usgamer team. Thank you for all the many years of excellent content, and to everyone, here's to many more.
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  • Avatar for boatie #23 boatie A year ago
    I also came because of you (and Bob!) and having you both leave is disheartening but I was re-enhartened (?!) to read that Kat was taking over. I've only known her writing starting from here but she has definitely become one of my favorite parts of the site. Will def be interested in seeing where she takes it, and I hope to hear more from you about what is going on in your world.
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  • Avatar for alexb #24 alexb A year ago
    I've been reading your work since before you even went pro, so, sincerely, thanks for the years of great reading. The best to you in whatever you do.

    And all the best to Kat as well. I look forward to seeing what you'll achieve.
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  • Avatar for highkingconchobhar #25 highkingconchobhar A year ago
    Best of luck, Jeremy! I've been following your work since the 1UP days and I'll continue to do so after your departure here. I'm definitely excited to more Game Boy World videos, and I'm glad that you aren't completely stepping away from USgamer.

    Congratulations to Kat! I have not been following your work as long, but I have always enjoyed it, especially here as USg. I look forward to seeing you helm the site moving forward.
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  • Avatar for admiralsnackbar #26 admiralsnackbar A year ago
    I have been reading your work since the ToastyFrog days and I truly appreciate the time and effort you've put in to your endeavors. Thank you for your thoughts, impressions and concerns throughout the years. I look forward to seeing what you get up to next!
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  • Avatar for pdubb #27 pdubb A year ago
    So basically sometime 2009-2011 you jokingly decided that you would hang up your hat whenever Final Fantasy XV was released, and now you have to follow through?


    Seriously though, gonna be sad to see you go. Hope you keep the blog updated as I like to see your work and continue to hear about the good things that happen to you. If you (or any of the US Gamer crew) ever make it up to visit Niagara Falls, I'll buy the first couple rounds. Cheers.
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  • Avatar for UnknownJones #28 UnknownJones A year ago
    Goodbye, Jeremy! I'll continue following your projects wherever life takes you. Thanks for being true to yourself and your interests. It's important work.

    Hello, Kat! From 1up to GamePro to USGamer, you've proven time and time again your are one of the best. I'm very excited to continue reading this site with you at the helm.
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  • Avatar for hiptanaka #29 hiptanaka A year ago
    Thank you Jeremy, congratulations Kat, and good luck to both of you! I'm excited to see what comes out of this!
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  • Avatar for brionfoulke91 #30 brionfoulke91 A year ago
    As long as you're still sticking around and writing articles, Jeremy! We all appreciate your perspective, and USGamer wouldn't be the same without you!
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  • Avatar for amightysquall958 #31 amightysquall958 A year ago
    Good luck to you on your future endeavors! I have been following your work since I reentered the gaming world in 2010 and no doubt will continue to do so.

    Congrats to Kat too!
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  • Avatar for JetSetRennie #32 JetSetRennie A year ago
    Well it has to be said that you've really helped develop one of the finest corners of the gaming internet. Even from the perspective of someone from the UK, USgamer's passion for both the future and past of the medium really appeals when the industry is awash with click-bait articles and cynical nostalgia. For this achievement I salute you. However on a purely selfish note, I'm super excited to see what influence your newfound emancipation has on Retronauts, Gameboy World and your other projects, because personally there some of my favorite things on the internet. So in review...good luck.
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  • Avatar for kidgorilla #33 kidgorilla A year ago
    I agree with everybody here. Congratulations on making the right move for you, and congrats to Kat for achieving her games press black belt. I'm sad that I won't see your stuff here as often, but I'm loving what you're doing on your own and excited for it to grow.
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  • Avatar for reptilio #34 reptilio A year ago
    You will be missed- been following you around since 1up I suppose. Excited for Kat though, great pick.
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  • Avatar for DrCorndog #35 DrCorndog A year ago
    Write a book, Jeremy! Get published! I want to see that.
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  • Avatar for Mikki-Saturn #36 Mikki-Saturn A year ago
    Good luck Jeremy! I've been reading your stuff since the 1-Up days, and I'm an original Kickstarter backer of Retronauts! Glad that DVD is coming along. ;) I have a longstanding rule of not backing a second campaign from the same outfit until I get all of the rewards from the first time I backed. I followed this rule with Double Fine (for example), however I think I may have to break that rule this time. Retronauts is one of my favorite things! Thanks for all your hard work sir and here's hoping for maximum success for you!
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  • Avatar for docexe #37 docexe A year ago
    I’m a bit sad to see you go. As other have mentioned, I first came to the site because I learnt you were involved. Still, I consider you one of the best gaming historians among the specialized press, and if this allow you to double down on that kind of projects, then all the better. I wish you the best on all your future endeavors.

    And of course: So long, and thanks for all the fish.
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  • Avatar for PlatypusPlatoon #38 PlatypusPlatoon A year ago
    Really sad to see you go, Jeremy, but I sincerely wish you all the best, in both your personal and professional endeavours. I've been following your work since you were an editor at, and enjoyed your work as you went from site to site, and moved up the food chain. I'll be sure to keep following you wherever you land next!
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  • Avatar for I-m-not-Daredevil #39 I-m-not-Daredevil A year ago
    All the best Jeremy - you're a legend. I'd be sad, but Kat is pretty great and I want more Gameboy World now dammit!
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  • Avatar for buckupprincess #40 buckupprincess A year ago
    Good luck, Jeremy! I can't thank you enough for your perspectives on gaming these last while bunch of years and your incredible work towards preserving history. Like the rest of the gang, I'm sad to see you go but can't wait to see what you do next. I'm very excited to see Kat's perspective after you drop of the keys to the site and thank you and the staff enough for providing and continuing to provide interesting, in depth and enthralling work.
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  • Avatar for aftermarketradio #41 aftermarketradio A year ago
    I've enjoyed the thoughtful approach to games journalism you've had at the helm of USG, and I am glad that the other great writers on the site have those same virtues. Under your direction, USG has reminded me a lot of Next Generation magazine (which is a good thing), elevating the medium we all love to level worthy of respect as a serious hobby. I am looking forward to seeing what the site becomes in Kat's capable hands (please don't stop doing Axe of the Blood God, Kat), and what the future holds for you and your many endeavors, Jeremy.
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  • Avatar for Michael21 #42 Michael21 A year ago
    "But this morning, things were different. Literally different; Animal Crossing operates on a rigid schedule based on the calendar, with fairly dramatic changes happening on the first of each month. Today, July 1, marked the beginning of summer in New Leaf. Yes, the solstice happened a week ago, and the game marked that occasion, too. But real summer -- the kind where you feel uncomfortable and long for a drink of water just by playing the game -- kicked off today. June saw unpredictable weather: Sunny one day, rainy the next, with occasional days of leaden grey skies that spoke of withering humidity through the quality of light alone. With the advent of July, however, the weather has changed. The skies are clearer, the sunlight more vivid. And most of all, the cicadas are out. "

    "I don't see a lot of summer these days. I live in San Francisco, America's least summery city. We have our warm days, even a handful of hot ones, but even those fall out of sync with the rest of the world's seasons: Our hottest days tend to fall in April and October, with foggy, chilly summers in between. You won't hear me complaining. I spent more than 25 years of my life in Texas and Michigan, places whose summers oppress for entirely different reasons: Texas with blistering, dry, desert temperatures that can vault 100ºF for weeks at a time, Michigan with a perpetual humidity index that generally equals the air temperature plus 10. I love the cool August climes on this weird little Pacific peninsula, but as is human nature I still have fond memories of suffering beneath Texas' merciless July sun."

    "Normally when new bugs and fish appear at the top of the month, it clicks with me on a mechanical level: Look, new things to collect and give to the museum. Summer's arrival hit me differently. It provoked a gut reaction -- an emotional reaction. "

    MOFO, there's narrative weight with systemic exploration here.

    How many other video-game writers have the agency to relate songs of their youth, under Texas' broiling sun, by sourcing low bit-rate approximations of cicadas in concert muffling out of 3DS speakers as triggering devices?

    It's always been inspiring.

    Hope you'll keep Retronauts going, and that you'll find a way to make money by charging for it.Edited December 2016 by Michael21
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  • Avatar for TerryTrowbridge #43 TerryTrowbridge A year ago
    As long as Retronauts lives I'm happy but I will say that I came to USGamer because of you. Kat's great too, I look forward to seeing what she does.
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  • Avatar for Worthintendo #44 Worthintendo A year ago
    All the best with your future endeavors Jeremy, you were the first gaming "personality" I discovered on the internet when I came across a random episode of Retronauts one day (I think it was the Mario one around the release of Super Mario Galaxy). And I have been following your work ever since then. There hasn't been anything you've done that I haven't enjoyed reading or watching or listening to. You are hands down one of my favorite people in the gaming press.
    Keep being awesome, keep being you and keep up all your awesome work :D
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  • Avatar for touchofkiel #45 touchofkiel A year ago
    sad to hear it, but excited to see where you end up. I've been following your work since - well, ever since "Gamespite" still had some actual spite! (I know, i know, you;ve given up cynicism... but that Xenosaga piece was a classic!)

    I like what you've done here, even more than the final years of 1UP. Good luck in the future! You'll still have a small but loyal group of readers wherever you end up. And better yet, you've created such a solid site that I'll continue to read it.
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  • Avatar for Vonlenska #46 Vonlenska A year ago
    All the best, Jeremy. I hope 2017 is good to you.

    I actually read (and comment on) the site as often as I do because I am also unenthused about whatever the Current New Thing in games is; but nor am I particularly jaded and angry about Where Games Went Wrong. There seem to be surprisingly few games sites aimed at grownups who aren't totally 100% thrilled with the latest AAA release but also aren't grumpy, embittered curmudgeons. I like games a lot. I just mostly like a style of game that slips under the radar more these days.

    Anyhow; I'm happy to stick around for Kat, Mike, Nadia and Evil Jeremy (or... Good Jeremy?... come on, one of you needs a goatee!). This place is a nice little corner of the web, and I've always liked the diversity in perspectives given such a small team.
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  • Avatar for SatelliteOfLove #47 SatelliteOfLove A year ago
    Jeremy, you are on a level that, in another Zero-Escape-esque timeline, one not hemorraging talent, attacked by vested interests, toyed with by the very industry it covered, and often up its own ass would have followed suit. Personal yet scientific. Broad yet specific. Particular yet intrigued.

    It warms my heart to see you go deeper into that field of video game history, one where too often the most well-known is the most covered and the Connections-esque level of thoroughness your pieces bring are needed in a hobby and industry that seems to take pride in willfull ignorance.

    Knock 'em dead out there, and knock 'em dead Kat!Edited December 2016 by SatelliteOfLove
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  • Jeremy I'm sad to see you go but at least you're making way for Kat

    (Get it? Its a Star Fox reference, from that quotable game we all know & love)
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  • Avatar for namdor #49 namdor A year ago
    I just got Gameboy world 1989 this past week. It is amazing.

    I look forward to Retronauts each week and I am excited for what the future holds. With you and Frank (Cifaldi) both pushing forward this year ensuring that video games are documented and the history is not lost I am excited for 2017.
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  • Avatar for link6616 #50 link6616 A year ago
    Well, like many here, your work has really done a lot to interest me in games and their history in a way few other publications have. From your work on 1up, here, retronauts (which also provided me the gateway into my beloved obsession with podcast in general) and gameboy world (with it's various offshoots)

    And even beyond those major aspects, gamespite the site itself was where I discovered the mad genius of Akitoshi Kawazu.

    One of the things that I always really appreciated from you and the sites you've worked on is that they treated portables as, well, real systems, not to be pushed aside constantly. Which was a nice change as someone who mostly played on those formats.

    So, thank you for all the work you've done, and I look forward to seeing what you do afterwards!
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  • Avatar for riderkicker #51 riderkicker A year ago
    Thanks for all the hard work, Parish. Even though you were the man in charge, you provided a lot of critical coverage in spite of the huge responsibility.

    Congratulations Kat! I hope to see the USS USGamer not just stay afloat but explore new territory in video games journalism. I hope you carve out a little time for the Blood God, though I assume we are all ready to donate a drop.
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  • Avatar for captainN2 #52 captainN2 A year ago
    If/when games journalism truly matures into a form comparable to art and film criticism, you'll be remembered as one of the spearheads that made it happen. Kudos for creating one of the very few havens there are for more mature and sophisticated coverage of the game medium.

    Thank you for countless hours of good reading and listening.
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  • Avatar for Mega_Matt #53 Mega_Matt A year ago
    Best of luck Jeremy! I'm sad to see you go, but at the same time I'm really excited to see what you'll be doing with Retronauts. So much so that I just upped my Patreon donation. Also, I'm glad Kat was chosen to take the helm. I know she'll do a good job.
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  • Avatar for SimonGreedwell #54 SimonGreedwell A year ago
    Your Youtube channel has to be the most criminally underappreciated things on the internet. Gameboy World videos getting 2500-5000 views is a serious shame. Keep up the good work.
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  • Avatar for jeremy.parish #55 jeremy.parish A year ago
    Wow, I'm overwhelmed by all the positive responses here. Thanks everyone for having such thoughtful things to say. See, this is why I love you guys (and gals, one assumes). USG is in good hands, I promise. And I appreciate all the support as I venture out into new things!
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  • Avatar for ericspratling56 #56 ericspratling56 A year ago
    Deleted December 2016 by ericspratling56
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  • Avatar for SuperShinobi #57 SuperShinobi A year ago
    I guess "Kat's sports minute" is getting upgraded into... Kat's sports year. Fine by me as I happen to like sports games a lot.

    Good luck to Jeremy in your future endeavours. Regardless of having in many ways different tastes in gaming, I've always enjoyed reading your writings.
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  • Avatar for orient #58 orient A year ago
    Good luck, Jeremy. I'll continue to read you and USgamer, listen to Retronauts, watch Gameboy World, and follow any localisation work you do in the future (I hope the anime avatars go easy on you). Also, if you're ever in need of a 2D artist for a game project, hit me up!

    Congrats to Kat -- perfect fit for the job. The future is bright, if we ignore the Trump thing.
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  • Avatar for manny_c44 #59 manny_c44 A year ago
    Jeremy I've read the site since it was announced on Eurogamer on day one, and it has most definitely been the best games-related website from that time forward. The AAA-agnostic editorial bent, mixed with retronuats and the great writing (even just at the technical level) was truly incredible. I will read what you write for the rest of my life. Really, thanks for the prose and the excellent taste in games!

    Now that Bob and Jeremy are both gone though I will probably stop reading the site regularly, as they were the draw for me.

    So long to the rad comment gang! SatelliteofLove, KidGorilla and VotesforCows (Ireland was incredible BTW, move back!) and all of the guys really are a good comment community! Perhaps I will re-appear in the combox of some of the more embarrassing political op-eds...since to remain silent is to consent. ;) See you guys around!
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  • Avatar for Captain-Gonru #60 Captain-Gonru A year ago
    Good luck out there.
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  • Avatar for jeremy.parish #61 jeremy.parish A year ago
    @manny_c44 Dude, the remaining team is awesome. And I'll still be contributing here...
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  • Avatar for JohnnyBananas #62 JohnnyBananas A year ago
    I'll join the chorus here and say how much I have appreciated your writing at this site. The absence of cheap-shot-taking and wild hyperbole sets USG apart from many other sites and I'm assuming your presence and editorial hand has a lot to do with that.

    There are a number of entertaining video game writers out there but it's still somewhat rare to find someone that is just a really really good writer, on a sentence-by-sentence level. I remember getting done with your somewhat recent Color Splash review and thinking more than anything that it felt more like a book or movie review out of the NYT.

    Anyhow, thanks for your work. Sad to see you go but excited to see what Kat has in store for the site.
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  • Avatar for manny_c44 #63 manny_c44 A year ago
    @jeremy.parish Haha I'll come back periodically and read stuff, I'm just saying my constant obsessive refreshing of USgamer will end. Really it's for my own good.
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  • Avatar for jay-ban #64 jay-ban A year ago
    Happy trails Jeremy, it's not just that few people are out there attempting to document the history of video games, it's also that very few people do it nearly as well as you do.
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  • Avatar for detten17 #65 detten17 A year ago
    oh damn, well this is bad news. I've been watching/reading Jeremy's stuff since the 1up show days, to see such a veteran of the industry go is sad. Kinda like watching one of your favorite players retire. Good luck Jeremy.
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  • Avatar for AstroDemon #66 AstroDemon A year ago
    Kat was the one that brought me to this site in the first place, so I'm glad she'll get a chance at running things -- what a great opportunity!

    I always valued your opinions, Jeremy, so please don't be a stranger. It'd be great to see an article from you from time to time.
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  • Avatar for jeffcorry #67 jeffcorry A year ago
    I've definitely enjoyed your material Jeremy. Great stuff. I'll be sad to see you go. I am sure I'll be sticking around USGamer regardless. As you said you'd be contributing a little bit still, so I'll definitely look forward to that.
    As far as the rest of the team here goes. You guys are great. I can't think of any member that hasn't entertained or educated me in one way or the other.
    Good luck figuring out this crazy thing called life. We all need to travel the road we're called down. God bless.
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  • Avatar for jeremy.parish #68 jeremy.parish A year ago
    @detten17@AstroDemon But I'm not retiring... like my letter says, I'll have a weekly column here, among other things!
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  • Avatar for Kuni-Nino #69 Kuni-Nino A year ago
    I love, love, love your pieces Jeremy; always thoughtful, always intelligent, always fair and understanding and never condescending. I wish nothing but the best for you my man.

    Kat, I'm glad it's you steering this ship in the future.
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  • Avatar for unoclay #70 unoclay A year ago
    Wow, big move--and good luck man!! You and Bob brought me here, but Kat and others will retain my readership.
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  • Avatar for Lord-Bob-Bree #71 Lord-Bob-Bree A year ago
    Welp, I'll miss the writing and insights you brought, but I wish you luck.

    And also certainly interested to see what Kat will bring to this place.
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  • Avatar for Arrowned #72 Arrowned A year ago
    I chose Surprised! as my reaction, but I could really use a ♥ one right about now.

    Happy trails Jeremy! I'll be continuing to read your weeklies here, and I'll absolutely follow you with Retronauts and your other projects as well.

    And of course, I'll continue to stick around here. I followed everyone here from when it felt like the whole staff migrated en masse, and though the staff here has since changed somewhat, the current group was and still is the set of video game journalists I agree with and enjoy the work of the most, so I have every intention of hanging around and looking forward to Kat's reign as EIC.
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  • Avatar for SargeSmash #73 SargeSmash A year ago
    Good luck going forward, Jeremy. Best wishes and prayers for you and yours!
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  • Avatar for detten17 #74 detten17 A year ago

    Well, that's good to hear directly. Let me know when you get to Donkey Kong '94 underrated Mario game.
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  • Avatar for philiprobinson60 #75 philiprobinson60 A year ago
    Best of luck, Jeremy. I've been a fan of your work since you were That Guy That Likes Old Games back at 1UP, so I'm glad you won't be disappearing completely. Looking forward to the things you do next.
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  • Avatar for sloth-machine #76 sloth-machine A year ago
    I'll chime in to say I'll miss your presence here Jeremy. Hell maybe the release of pressure from work will make your contributing articles some of the best written pieces of your career (no pressure...).
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  • Avatar for neilhood #77 neilhood A year ago
    Good luck. Its been a treat to see USGamer turn into my favorite gaming centric site.
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  • Avatar for SnakeEyes097 #78 SnakeEyes097 A year ago
    I'm really happy to hear that you're moving on to something that you want Jeremy! I've been an avid fan of yours for years, and although I'm a sad for myself that I won't be reading your stuff as often, I've been a huge fan of Kat for a long time too. I'm such a huge fan, first of 1up and now of USgamer, I'm looking forward to the opportunities 2017 will afford to the USgamer staff, as well as Jeremy and Bob!
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  • Avatar for benjames86 #79 benjames86 A year ago
    Thanks a bunch Jeremy. I've been reading you since the GIA days, and I'll keep a close eye on your Twitter so I don't miss what you do next.

    In the meantime, I'll continue to be a daily reader of US Gamer. It's the only place where the attitude and intelligence of 1up continues to thrive.
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  • Avatar for mattcom26 #80 mattcom26 A year ago
    Good luck Jeremy! We'll always have Retronauts (and yeah, every faith in Kat).
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  • Avatar for himuradrew #81 himuradrew A year ago
    I'm gonna miss your articles Jeremy. They're always well written and informative. But hey, you'll still be with the Retronauts crew right?

    I'm eagerly looking forward to see what Kat brings to the site as she takes the reins. Hopefully we'll see more Super Robot Wars and other niche JP game coverage, because dammit, we all need more SRW!! ;)
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  • Avatar for Votomcy #82 Votomcy A year ago
    Jeremy has a Patreon related to his Youtube videos that I encourage you to consider supporting, especially now that he may be able to devote more time to it. His tracing of the history of gaming through video and well-written voice over is becoming epic in its depth and scale.

    All in all, he's doing important work.

    Jeremy Parish's Youtube Playlists
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  • Avatar for The-Fool #83 The-Fool A year ago
    Best of luck, Jeremy!

    Though I may not comment much, I've always loved reading your work and you are why I'm here in the first place.

    Kat, I'm sure you'll do a super awesome job and I can't wait to see where things go from here!
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  • Avatar for whitestreak #84 whitestreak A year ago
    You're the reason I started reading here too. All the best, Jeremy, and don't lose all faith!
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  • Avatar for Jericho-GM #85 Jericho-GM A year ago
    Just wanted to wish you the best of luck, Jeremy. I've followed your stuff for years and consider your writing some of the best on video gaming I've ever read.

    Also, congratulations to Kat. Anyone who hosts an RPG podcast named Axe of the Blood God can't do no wrong in my book.

    I guess this would also be as good a time as any to greet everyone here happy holidays and good luck to us all in 2017.
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  • Avatar for pimento #86 pimento A year ago
  • Avatar for discohospital #87 discohospital A year ago
    I’m relatively new to your work and to USgamer, I must admit. I came in late mostly because I’d been almost completely out of the loop where video games are concerned since… probably before you joined the industry, judging by what you wrote.

    As such, it took me some time once I’d reignited my interest in games to find media outlets or communities that were suited to my disposition and tastes. I’ll put it this way: as someone who spends most of his time on that portion decidedly not belonging to “most of the rest of the internet”, I’ve found USgamer refreshing. Specifically, it was your review of Shin Megami Tensei IV that both brought me here and hooked me - I hadn’t encountered any perspectives on video games quite like yours until I happened upon that review one day earlier this year. It just so happened that it was out of frustration that I was searching - much of what I could find on the game seemed primarily concerned with telling me what it wasn’t, whether in the context of the rest of the series (fan discontentment) or games in general (not up to AAA standards, go figure), or simply harping on how crushingly difficult the author found the opening hours to be. You painted a clear picture of what the game was, without resorting to game reviewing cliches, and put it in a context I could connect with - that of a history broader than that of the year it was released in, or more importantly, a broader perspective of what game design is and can be. In other words, one outside of the box I seemed to be finding almost everywhere else I went. Thinkpiece-as-review, I suppose, but that’s kind of selling it short.

    More generally, in my efforts to get myself up to date on gaming, I’ve gone back and read a lot on games of the past couple of generations, and I’ve found many of your reviews and editorials here and at particularly helpful in my efforts to create a backwards roadmap for myself both through that period’s history and towards my own tastes as they were where I left off, and where they might meet what gaming has become today.

    While it was your work that initially drew me here, USgamer as a whole has become a primary resource for me. It’s great news that Kat will be your successor, and I’m looking forward to next year. Godspeed* to you both.

    PS - I can’t presume to know if this would apply in any respect to you and your work, but whenever anyone steps down from a demanding position involving their personal hobby/passion, I’m reminded of something the founder and head of an excellent boutique home video label said upon leaving his position - he’d developed a habit of unconsciously proofing every movie he watched (e.g. video/audio encoding, subtitles, etc) - in other words, his insistence on raising the bar and setting new standards for home video presentation and curation had, in a way, nearly rendered him effectively unable to enjoy the thing that drove him to do that work in the first place. But his mark had been made, and that was, of course, the idea.

    *45 mphEdited December 2016 by discohospital
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  • Avatar for JinjoHayabusa #88 JinjoHayabusa A year ago
    Sad to see you go. As many have said, you're the reason I started reading USG. I respect the balls to quit something familiar and start anew. Good luck!
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  • Avatar for Barelyhomosapien #89 Barelyhomosapien A year ago
    Thanks for all you've given up for this site!

    I love the thoughtful pieces you guys put out, an example being the massive piece you did on the design of the NES which was just fantastic, and the more detailed reviews! I miss that kind of writing on gaming sites, there are others within the same network that have shortened their reviews to near irrelevance and obfuscated their scoring system at the same time.

    USG has become one of my favorite sites and while I'm sure you'll be missed, I can't wait to see what Kat can do!
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  • Avatar for Mooglepies #90 Mooglepies A year ago
    Best of luck for the future. Sometimes you just have to make choices for you - it's for the best.
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  • Avatar for pelham123 #91 pelham123 A year ago
    Woah. Best of luck with all future endeavours Jeremy. Congratulations Kat, relieved USG is in good hands.
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  • Avatar for Toad64 #92 Toad64 A year ago
    You'll finally have the time to make Jetpack Goonies!!
    Seriously though, I'd say you'll be missed, but I'm sure many of us will be following you in whatever you do anyway, from Retronauts to Game Boy World to whatever else, so I'll just say I look forward to seeing what the site becomes here, and what this freedom will enable you to create going forward.
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  • Avatar for orakiorob #93 orakiorob A year ago
    I can relate to most of what you said and I think you're doing the right thing. I'm a big fan of your writing and wish you the best of luck!
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  • Avatar for AntonSaitz #94 AntonSaitz A year ago
    You were among the writers I loved at 1UP, and you were the reason I came to USGamer. I can relate to your feelings of alienation in the contemporary gaming landscape. You raised the bar for journalism in gaming with your stalwart professionalism, thoughtfulness, and critical insights; while I'm sad to see you leave, I'm excited to see what you'll do next.Edited December 2016 by AntonSaitz
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  • Avatar for CipherStone #95 CipherStone A year ago
    I'm sad to see Jeremy leave, but I can't think of anyone I'd like to see succeed him more than Kat. I've been following them both since the 1Up days, since their love of unconventional RPGs and portable games has always appealed to me.

    To Jeremy: Best of luck in the future, I'll keep en eye out for your next book!

    To Kat: Congratulations! USGamer is in good hands.
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  • Avatar for davidgreenwood80 #96 davidgreenwood80 A year ago
    Since everyone has already beaten me to the "you're amazing and I'll follow your writing anywhere" punch... Any chance you'll get back to doing prog rock album reviews?
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  • Avatar for nd86 #97 nd86 A year ago
    As someone born in the mid-80s, the often retro-focused editorials are what drew me to this site in the first place, and since then it's become pretty much the only gaming website I regularly visit. If that was your vision, you've more than achieved it. Good luck with everything in the future and you should be genuinely proud of this site.
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  • Avatar for TheWildCard #98 TheWildCard A year ago
    Another reader from way back in the 1up days. Not surprised to see this considering where your enthusiasm seemed to be the last couple years. I have great confidence in Kat though and can't wait to see what the future holds for usgamer :)
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  • Avatar for InsertTokenz #99 InsertTokenz A year ago
    Having been a big fan of your work ever since your days at, I got to give a big thanks to you Jeremy for helping to make Usgamer a welcome change of pace from all the other mainstream gaming sites out there. I've always felt comfortable commenting and sharing thoughts on what you and the other staff have posted here. While this news comes across as a bit of a bummer, it's good to read that you might still contribute to the site in some way, shape or form down the road. You have shown me the greatness that handheld gaming, rogue-likes, and the interesting history behind classic gaming has to offer, which I'm most thankful for; and I wish you all the best with whatever endeavor(s) you hope to pursue. Also big congrats to Kat on the upcoming promotion! I have confidence you will do well with the new position.

    Also, on the plus side Jeremy, you get to finally leave a website now fully on your own terms this time. :)Edited 2 times. Last edited December 2016 by InsertTokenz
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  • Avatar for Talraen #100 Talraen A year ago
    I've been following your work since someone linked Thumbnail Theater back in the ancient times of the internet, and while I'm selfishly sorry to see you go, I certainly can't complain. I'm very happy Kat is taking over, as she's the only person who really rivals you in terms of making me interested in video game coverage. Good luck with the future, whatever it brings you!
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  • Avatar for giantgreengoat #101 giantgreengoat A year ago
    You are amazing! It has been fantastic following you from 1UP to USGamer. Thank you for the journey.
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  • Avatar for donkeyintheforest #102 donkeyintheforest A year ago
    Glad to see you're keeping a small role. Have loved your stuff for years! Kat's a great choice! I'm much more excited about this than other big changes coming early next year. Congrats and enjoy all the chill B-type-games :D
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  • Avatar for Gamer-Law #103 Gamer-Law A year ago
    @jeremy.parish - What's that old saying that when a door closes, a window opens? Perhaps cliche, but it seems appropriate given the tremendous effort you have put into US Gamer. Your insight and perspective will be missed, but you are certainly leaving us in capable hands with Kat. Please tell her that promotion to EIC does not mean she can abandon her dedicated listers on Axe of the Blood God. Best of luck in future endeavors!
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  • Avatar for Funny_Colour_Blue #104 Funny_Colour_Blue A year ago
    It's been an interesting journey, Jeremy.

    I still remember being a little awestruck while flipping through the pages of OPM to find out that Jeremy Parish of, had a brief column in Playstation Magazine!! - that was a sign, to me, that "you've made it"!

    I then followed you onto where you started Retronauts and eventually became editor-in-chief of and then finally, U.S.

    You've grown and changed significantly throughout the years, Jeremy.

    I've always thought that some of your best work was creating a dialogue with developers, in order to learn about the history of how some of these video games were made - (you have to understand something here, not a whole lot of people get a chance to have dinner with Yuji Horii, the creator of Dragon Quest)

    This is something you've always loved doing Jeremy and have a real passion for - not only that, but they've made for some of the best articles you've written - I always find myself referring friends and colleagues, back to something you wrote, for reference and research.

    Pat the NES punk can make "the Ultimate Nintendo Guide" as much as he wants and Norman Caruso can call himself "The Gaming Historian", but they will never have the same amount of insight or research as your work does Jeremy, yours is a voice I can trust.

    So I urge you to stick to doing what you do best, which is writing about video game history. That's where your heart is, that's where it's always been, you know this and it's almost kind of crazy that you haven't done this sooner.

    You and Frank Cifaldi, you guys are going to be making history together, by writing about video game history.
    P.S. It's a little weird when the Angry Video Game Nerd, makes a video about BioForce Ape, with absolutely no mention of Frank Cifaldi's hard work of actually getting the cartridge on lost

    It's also a little weird when people talk about video game history, without mentioning Jeremy Parish or Retronauts.

    I really want that to change. Jeremy Parish and Frank Cifaldi should be the first two names people mention, when talking about video game history - because you guys have done so much, to get this to where it is today.

    EDIT: ...also, JETPACK GOONIES!™

    Sit down with Spielberg! get a Kickstarter going!! and make this childhood dream a reality!!!

    ...Okay, maybe not a kickstarter. But, come on man! After all those anatomy of game design books, after all these years, how can you NOT make Jetpack Goonies™?

    it doesn't have to be big, it could just be a pet project, that you check in on, started by a fan, on talking time, maybe even an NES rom hack?

    The Shane Bettenhausen, in me, says this could be "the secret best" game of all time.Edited December 2016 by Funny_Colour_Blue
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  • Avatar for ShawnS #105 ShawnS A year ago
    I only really began following the site (by way of following Jeremy on Twitter) this year so I am probably to blame somehow. Thanks for everything and best of luck to you, Jeremy! Best of luck also to Kat who -- now I'm just echoing everyone else -- seems perfect to step up for 2017 and beyond! I can't wait to see what the future holds for everyone involved in USG.
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  • Avatar for Avante #106 Avante A year ago
    Like many others, it seems, I followed you from 1up to USGamer. I've found your writing to be the most reliably thoughtful and intelligent of any video game journalist that I know of (even when I disagree with you!). Glad to know you're not disappearing entirely. If you ever do decide to make that metroidvania, it will be a day one purchase for me, at least!
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  • Avatar for Meho #107 Meho A year ago
    Best of luck in all the future projects, Jeremy. Sad to see you walking away but it was obviously cooking for some time, and I for one will keep following everything you do as I did so far.
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  • Avatar for TheDarkKnight9113 #108 TheDarkKnight9113 A year ago
    You will be missed, I have always been a fan of your writing, I hope it all goes well for you and good luck and thank you.
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  • Avatar for jeremy.parish #109 jeremy.parish A year ago
    I'm sorry I can't respond to each of these messages individually (I still have stories to file for USG this week), but thanks again to everyone for such thoughtful and supportive words. You folks really are the best. I hope you'll follow me along on my new project AND stick around here to boost Kat and her team's ongoing work!
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  • Avatar for ping33 #110 ping33 A year ago
    @jeremy.parish Best of luck. You are the reason I started coming to this site in the first place. The fact it it remains one of the only places for good long form Game writing (which isn't just listicles) and has a strong focus on B/C level games rather than just AAA will keep me here.

    Excited for more a more dedicated and focused Retronauts
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  • Avatar for Li-Bae #111 Li-Bae A year ago
    Godspeed, Jeremy. You're the best in the business: insightful, articulate, and original. I think I speak for many in saying I'm sorry to see you go, but I'm also looking forward to seeing what you do next.
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  • Avatar for legeek #112 legeek A year ago
    Best of luck to you, Jeremy! I've enjoyed your writing for a long time, as well as your ability to assemble crack teams of like mind folks who are passionate about video games. I look forward to your new projects focusing on - among other things - video game history, which really could benefit from your attention.

    P.S. I may not speak for all of the GameSpite Crew, but thank you once again for giving us the opportunity to write about video games in actual published book form (even of the self-published variety).

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  • Avatar for kantaroo3 #113 kantaroo3 A year ago
    Thank you for doing a fantastic job at USGamer over the past few years. You have set the bar very high for Kat!
    All the best on your future endeavours, and I look forward to your articles even if they are going to be less frequent from now on.
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  • Avatar for sunotenko #114 sunotenko A year ago
    I really like the work you have done here, Jeremy. I wish you all the luck in your new personal projects.
    Kat is doing a really great job too and it's awesome she's taking the lead on USG. I really hope all of staff keep up this excelent community.
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  • Avatar for LeviTheGood #115 LeviTheGood A year ago
    I've enjoyed your perspective and insight since the 1up days and I will definitely stay tuned for whatever your next output is. I plan to continue to support USGamer and am delighted that Kat will be taking over. I'm excited for more retronauts and some video based game history content! Good luck Jeremy.
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  • Avatar for ArdeaAbe #116 ArdeaAbe A year ago
    I just found USGamer this summer and it has been my one stop shop for video game news. I had taken a long hiatus from video games but Retronauts led me to USGamer and both brought me back into gaming. Jeremy your writing and perspective is what really drew me in. Then I found Bob Mackey, Kat Bailey and Nadia Oxford. I love USGamer's writing team. I was initially disappointed with Bob leaving and now Jeremy leaving but now I'm excited. Really excited.

    Jeremy can pursue Retronauts, Gameboy World and Good NINtentions projects with more vigor. Hells yeah! Kat Bailey will take over as EIC and I think that's fantastic. I look forward to seeing what she does at the helm. So congrats to everyone on their big changes and I wish you all the best.
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  • Avatar for ProcHoliday #117 ProcHoliday A year ago
    Been following you since your days at 1up and I will continue to now, excited for anything new from you.
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  • Avatar for Fallout2 #118 Fallout2 A year ago
    @jeremy.parish I´m glad you'll keep writing for the site; losing both you and Bob in a year would be harsh. Best of luck with your other endeavours and thanks for the quality articles and believing that people want to read games writing that isn't just rehashed news.

    Sometimes when you're on your own, pushing through the dark - that's when important breakthroughs are made. Or so Metroid taught me.
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  • Avatar for Belderiver #119 Belderiver A year ago
    Good luck Jeremy, and congrats Kat!
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  • Avatar for ghostcapsule #120 ghostcapsule A year ago
    I just wanted to wish you the best of luck Jeremy! I really love the work you've done here (and elsewhere! I also find your voice soothing...) it's my favorite games site to visit. I'm pretty stoked to see what Kat does and I'm eager to see what great things you'll surely do as well!
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  • Avatar for abuele #121 abuele A year ago
    I just want to wish you good luck on your future enterprises, It is always exciting to change lanes or taking a new route into the unknown.
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  • Avatar for DemiurgicSoul #122 DemiurgicSoul A year ago
    I'm glad you will still be contributing to USGamer, Jeremy. I feel the same way you do about the direction the industry has moved toward in the last couple years, and I don't feel that our outsider take on it is represented very well at most publications. It seems lately like all games journalists have been assimilated by the Borg. I don't mean that to sound mean, but it often feels like every writer shares the same exact view on absolutely everything. I enjoy hearing your take on it and look forward to reading your stuff in 2017 and beyond.
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  • Avatar for apoc_reg #123 apoc_reg A year ago
    Very sad to hear your news Jeremy but equally happy to hear of your weekly column. Reading/listening to your stuff has been part of my life for probably 10 years now... feel a bit like you're the last great bastion from those times leaving, but I think that spirit exists in USG so hopefully it will continue. All the best! Reg
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  • Avatar for Gaffney #124 Gaffney A year ago
    Sad to hear the news as Jeremy has been my favorite games journalist for many years. But all good things come to an end and I wish you all the best on your future endeavors Jeremy!!
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  • Avatar for clownbomb #125 clownbomb A year ago
    Hey Jeremy -

    Late to this news, just like I was late finding you and Kat here at US Gamer. In short, I've loved and respected your work since the 1up days ... my favorite thing ever might be your emo stairwell review of The World Ends With You. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and love of gaming over the years.
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