There May Not Be an Ominous Missile in Call of Duty: Warzone After All [Update]

There May Not Be an Ominous Missile in Call of Duty: Warzone After All [Update]

And it looks like it's headed for Stadium.

After further investigation, it seems that despite our attempts at verification, these theorized missiles could be pure coincidence - either graphical blips, or effects from other players. Though we previously saw the same thing as the mentioned subreddit user, further attempts could not replicate the results. We've updated our headline accordingly, and regret the error.

Our original story follows:

We're on the brink of Season 5 launching in Call of Duty: Warzone. With the new season set to launch next week, a missile has been spotted above the Warzone map earlier today.

The mysterious missile in the sky was first spotted over on the Warzone subreddit earlier today on July 30. We've since dropped into Verdansk for ourselves and verified that there is, in fact, a missile very slowly inching its way across the skyline of the Warzone map.

Over on the Warzone subreddit where the missile was first uncovered, there's been some debate as to where it's potentially headed. One common line of thought is that it's headed directly for Stadium, the location which is rumored to be getting rebuilt as part of the map changes that'll be introduced in the next season.

Right now though, the missile isn't going anywhere fast. It's currently streaking across the sky in the northwest portion of the Verdansk map, if you want to go and keep a tab on its progress.

If this is all sounding a bit familiar, it's because Fortnite previously used this tactic to change up a portion of its map for a new season. All the way back in Season 3 of Fortnite (which feels like a decade ago at this point), there was a meteor spotted high above the map, which fans thought would destroy one particular location: Tilted Towers. At the end of Season 3, the meteor collided with Dusty Depot, obliterating the location and turning it into Dusty Divot.

It's a pretty ominous sign, but the missile definitely points to a location getting levelled as part of Season 5. We'll have to wait and see where the missile lands next week on Wednesday, August 5, when Warzone Season 5 launches for all platforms.

Activison has actually already been teasing some new additions for Warzone's Season 5. One teaser sent to a streamer earlier this month included a snippet of hazy gameplay featuring a train horn. Adding to a train to Warzone's map would certainly spice things up a little.

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