A Music-Laced Look Back at the Career of Final Fantasy Composer Nobuo Uematsu

A Music-Laced Look Back at the Career of Final Fantasy Composer Nobuo Uematsu

The Retronauts podcast gets musical this week with a survey of Uematsu's career and classic compositions.

I suspect we're about to have a very musical week here on USgamer. Fittingly, then, we kick off the week with the most musical episode of Retronauts ever: A look back at Nobuo Uematsu's work over the past 30 years.

This episode was originally slated to look at the work of both Uematsu and his former Square Enix compatriot Yasunori Mitsuda, but we ended up having so much to say about Uematsu that we never got around to Mitsuda. (That'll be another episode, then.) Heck, we had so much to say about Uematsu work with Final Fantasy that we barely got to touch on his post-Square work over the past decade. I mean, the man single-handledly wrote the music for one of the most beloved RPG sagas during its entire, expansive, classic era — that's more than 20 CDs worth of music for Final Fantasy I through IX alone!

As you might expect, we had plenty to say about Uematsu's work. Joining myself and Bob, we had our very own RPG expert Kat Bailey and regular guest (and Final Fantasy music obsessive) Chris Kohler on hand to drop ample science. And needless to say, there's plenty of music worked into this episode; it's the most complex editing job Retronauts has ever seen. Please listen and enjoy, so that many hours of effort will not have been wasted.

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Episode Description

Jeremy and Bob spend a couple of hours musing about music with Chris Kohler and Kat Bailey. Specifically, the music of Nobuo Uematsu. Stay a while and listen! No, wait, wrong RPG series.

Music in this episode comes from... uh, well, there's too much to list here, we reference it pretty directly in the show. You'll figure it out, I promise.

Also of note this week: Our main episode cover art will now be illustrated by Nick Daniel. I've enjoyed creating the past three years' worth of covers either digitally or in ink-and-watercolor, but the time investment the work required alongside actually producing the episodes was eating up my entire weekend, every weekend, so I need to step aside. As you can see from this episode's gorgeous cover art, we've definitely traded up from my stiff and soulless pen-scratches.

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