A New Apex Legends Teaser Has Someone Trying to Murder Revenant

A New Apex Legends Teaser Has Someone Trying to Murder Revenant

All signs point to Loba.

Stop us if you've heard this one before, but Apex Legends is teasing something. Only kidding, we love a good teaser, especially when it points to someone trying to murder an immortal robot.

That immortal robot is, of course, Revenant. The Apex Legends Twitter account tweeted out the teasing screenshot below, which was actually available to be read in Apex Legends back before Season 4: Assimilation even launched, the event that would introduce Revenant to the Apex Games.

So, why is Respawn repromoting this information? Well, one line of thinking is that the dialog in the teaser points to the introduction of the next Legend in the Apex Games: Loba. Check out the complete text from the image laid out just below, in which someone's definitely trying to kill off Revenant.


If you remember back to the animated cinematic that introduced Revenant, he killed an entire restaurant full of people, including one father that was trying to protect his daughter. Rewatch the cinematic below for a refresher, but the final few seconds of the video seem to point to that daughter being dead set on revenge against Revenant.

"But she's just a child," I hear you say. According to the Apex Legends wiki, Revenant is actually 313 years old, since he abandoned his humanity entirely, uploading his consciousness into his current robotic form. So there's been plenty of time for this child to grow up into a formidable foe for Revenant.

Loba was originally datamined in a patch earlier this month, and remember that the girl in the cinematic was handed a wolf idol by her father before he died. "Wolf" translates to "loba" in Spanish. There's even been datamined evidence suggesting we could see Loba in Apex Legends as early as later this week.

People are speculating that one of the people talking in the repromoted text from the Apex Legends Twitter account is Loba, seeking revenge on Revenant, which is only logical. There's definitely a lot of information pointing towards this being the case, but as noted Apex Legends dataminer Shrugtal's work reveals above, maybe we won't even have that long to wait to see Loba for ourselves.

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