An In-Game Apex Legends Teaser Points to New Map Changes

An In-Game Apex Legends Teaser Points to New Map Changes

Dome and Singh Labs are subjects of the teaser.

Stop me if you've heard this one before: a teaser has been found in Apex Legends. This time, there's a brand new easter egg of sorts that's been uncovered on the World's End map, and it's got people speculating that a series of additional teasers are on the way very shortly.

Firstly, the item in the video below was found in the Dome area of the World's End map. This device is actually a small throwback to the original Titanfall, but it crucially has a button prompt to "activate" something. Trouble is, we don't know what this something is.

Then longtime Apex Legends dataminer Shrugtal weighed in on Twitter. Turns out you can just make out the words "Singh Labs" on the device's screen, which is a reference to a location in the eastern portion of the World's End map, one which revolves around the mysterious Wraith and her enigmatic origins as a test subject for interdimensional travel.

After this, the Apex Uncovered subreddit put together three datamined images, which you can see below. The first one on the left is the image depicted on the device that's already been discovered on the World's End map, and it looks like there's tunnels or connecting pathways that lead from Singh Labs in King's Canyon.

Check out the replies to the original post just below if you want some in-depth speculation. A lot of Apex Legends players are convinced we're heading for some sort of development with either Dome or Singh Labs, where the former could be upgraded to a bigger research facility, or the latter could change up the surrounding terrain. Either way, we'll have to wait a while to find out for sure.

Header image credit: u/Abhi_mhatre on Reddit.

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