A New Bloodborne Datamine Shows off Unused Beasts, Characters, and More

A New Bloodborne Datamine Shows off Unused Beasts, Characters, and More

That secret monster wasn't the only thing lurking in Bloodborne after nearly three years.

A couple weeks ago, players discovered a new foe in Bloodborne's procedurally-generated Chalice Dungeons. The giant with a flaming sword, dubbed Flaming Undead Giant, was previously seen in early footage of the Chalice Dungeons prior to launch. But when the game released in early 2015, the beast was nowhere to be found. Until November 2017, when the monster was discovered.

It was a surprising, exciting discovery by players on the game's dungeon-scavenging focused subreddit. Perhaps even more surprisingly, it's not the only new discoveries buried within Bloodborne to be uncovered this year.

Thanks to a new datamine from YouTuber Sanadsk (as found by Kotaku), unused monsters and characters have been discovered deep in the game's files. The new creatures range from actual monsters to unfinished scholars. Some of the critters datamined out look to be like variations or early concepts of beings that ultimately made it into the game, such as a beast with yellow-ish fur instead of the in-game black fur. For the rest though, it's a mystery where their origins are, or if they even made it past this early point in conception. The most striking discoveries are that of the fuzzy black bear-pig-thing with eyes that glow white and a beast with two skull heads.

As the Chalice Dungeons have shown time and time again, more monsters can be lurking beneath the crevices of the earth. I'm sure players are already on the case, diving in further than ever before to hopefully get a glimpse at something new.

Caty McCarthy

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