A New Nintendo 64 HD Adapter Lets You Play Classic Games Like Star Fox 64 on Modern TVs

A New Nintendo 64 HD Adapter Lets You Play Classic Games Like Star Fox 64 on Modern TVs

The Super 64 gives your old Nintendo 64 a second chance.

EON Gaming is an independent hardware company that makes HDMI converters for Nintendo consoles. Previously, the company only had one converter for the GameCube, but today it announced pre-orders are up for a new plug-and-play HDMI adapter for the Nintendo 64.

Called the Super 64, this is the first plug-and-play HDMI adapter for the Nintendo 64 console. Simply plug in the adapter to the existing cable port on the Nintendo 64, then hook the console up to an HDMI-compatible TV set.

EON promises video scaled to 480p, and a lagless performance. There's also a "Slick Mode" that smooths out the visuals for a cleaner, slightly more modern experience. You can watch the Super 64 in action in the trailer below.

The Super 64 is not its own console like the NES or SNES Mini. There are no games that come pre-installed with it either. Instead, you'll need to provide your own Nintendo 64 console and games, and the adapter will simply allow it to work with HD television sets.

The Super 64 is up for pre-order for $149.99, which is quite the price. But if it works as well as EON says it does, then this could be one of the few working options you have to get older consoles working on HD TVs. You can find HDMI adapters for much cheaper online, but they rarely work as well as you'd like them to because most of them simply blow up the SD game image for HD screens.

The market for retrofitting older consoles for newer TVs is often a premium one. Another option to play older game cartridges is with custom consoles like Analogue's Nt consoles, but those are also sold at a premium.

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