A New Nissan Ad Wants You to Replace People You Love With Final Fantasy XIII Characters

A New Nissan Ad Wants You to Replace People You Love With Final Fantasy XIII Characters

A Chinese ad for Nissans encourages you to plug into the Matrix.

Do you remember that one episode of Futurama where Fry dates a Lucy Liu robot? Well, a new ad from China showing off a new Nissan seems to be going for similar with a new promotion featuring two characters from Final Fantasy XIII. While the ad does a nice job showing off the car it wants to sell, there appears to be a secondary message where you can replace the people in your life with characters from a video game with the power of virtual reality.

The video begins with two young people. I assume they're a couple, but that's only because media trains you to view any combination of people in logical groupings ie family, couple, parents, etc. However, once in the car, presumably the product of the Nissan ad, the woman pulls out a VR headset-a secondary product I'm pretty sure Nissan isn't selling-and promptly puts it on. Her partner in the driver's seat suddenly transforms into Snow Villiers, a hero from FFXIII, and her dream boyfriend/driving buddy.

Of course when it's the woman's turn to drive, the man likewise replaces her with a virtual reality version of Lightning, which again, feels like a veiled attack on these two people's relationship with one another.

I'm really not sure what this video is trying to say with the sudden inclusion of the VR headset. Are they given away with the purchase of a new car? Will they spice up your romance which for so long has been comprised of lame dates driving around in a new Nissan? Can you program other FFXIII characters or can you only turn people around you into either Snows or Lightnings?

Basically, the moral of this story is: Don't date virtual reality JRPG characters.

Matt Kim

News Editor

Matt Kim is a former freelance writer who's covered video games and digital media. He likes video games as spectacle and is easily distracted by bright lights or clever bits of dialogue. He also once wrote about personal finance, but that's neither here nor there.

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