A New Trailer Reveals NieR Automata's Combat as Purely Platinum

A New Trailer Reveals NieR Automata's Combat as Purely Platinum

The sequel to Square-Enix's 2010 cult RPG hit is already looking great.

In case you haven't noticed, Platinum Games has been pretty busy lately.

And that's great for people who love their reliably complex mechanics but don't want to see them lose money on original IP—unfortunately, Bayonetta doesn't turn as many as many heads as, say, Transformers and The Legend of Korra. And while it's still unclear if their work on the upcoming (and delayed) Star Fox Zero will do that ailing series justice, today's gameplay trailer of the upcoming NieR Automata should inspire some confidence.

If you played the original NieR, you'd probably agree its execution often failed the interesting concepts beneath the surface. So this year's E3 announcement about Platinum's involvement came as nothing but good news to people like me, who loved what NieR was trying to do but lost willpower during some of its weaker moments. And even if the combat doesn't innovate beyond Platinum's house style, that's perfectly fine—after all, there's a reason this developer has essentially stuck to the same fighting mechanics pioneered by 2001's Devil May Cry. It's not completely straightforward Platinum combat, though: A few seconds of the footage above shows the "bullet hell"-style challenges of the last NieR will still exist in the sequel.

NieR Automata is a PlayStation 4 exclusive, though it still has no official release date. But, seeing as its E3 announcement reported the game as "10% finished," we may be waiting until 2017 before we see an American release.

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