A New Undertale Project Might Be in the Works—And Toby Fox Needs Your Help

A New Undertale Project Might Be in the Works—And Toby Fox Needs Your Help


Toby Fox, the creator of the critically-acclaimed indie RPG Undertale, is up to shenanigans. His Twitter feed currently features a parade of cryptic tweets that might have something to do with a new project. And, going by the writing style he's employed for those tweets, the project might have something to do with Undertale's most mysterious character: Gaster.

The tweets, made earlier this morning, instruct the world at large to return to Fox's Twitter feed in 24 hours (Halloween!!). We'll be asked a series of questions about something that's "FAR FROM COMPLETE."

Toby topped off the mysterious tweets with a normally-worded request for Undertale fans to check back at his Twitter account (@undertale) in 24 hours. That should be 9 a.m. ET on October 31.

The sentence structure Fox uses for the more baffling Tweets is very similar to the structure used for Undertale's most mysterious character, W.D. Gaster. Undertale was released three years ago on the PC and has come to most consoles since, but we still know almost nothing about Gaster—a leering skeleton who very rarely shows up in-game as an Easter Egg (and sometimes only after manipulating the game's code on PC). Gaster "talks" in WingDings font (thus, the W.D.), and what little he says is baffling, even when translated to the Roman alphabet.

Undertale looks simple on its 8-bit surface, but its lore goes extremely deep. A lot of holes remain in Undertale's story, and it's believed Gaster bridges most of them. It's exciting enough to learn Fox might be working on another game; it's even cooler to imagine Gaster might be involved somehow. This is indeed "VERY, VERY, INTERESTING."

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