A Reality Show Based on League of Legends Is Coming Soon

We are the warriors that built this show.

A reality show based around the multiplayer online battle arena game League of Legends (LoL) is coming soon. I suppose this confirms people are still hungry for reality TV even though the very planet slowly transformed itself into Satan's own episode of Big Brother across the past year or so. Go figure.

The show is called "The Next Gamer," and it's based in Australia. Participants will struggle for a contract with one of Australia's prominent LoL teams, plus a $10,000 prize.

Here's how it works. 40 players compete online across five days for one of ten spots in the "Next Gamer House" in Sydney. From there, the final ten must undergo a gauntlet of challenges across seven days designed to test the contestants' "mental fortitude, physical fitness, and teamwork."

When the roster of challengers has been whittled down to five, the finalists face off against Oceania's best gaming teams. The gamer who shows they have what it takes to be the very best wins the $10,000 purse, as well as a six-month contract with one of Australia's best LoL teams.

Hear ye, hear ye--

Incidentally, another gaming-related reality show was announced today. The 32-episode series (which will be capped by a feature film) is called Game to Fame: Road to World Cup, and it's based in southeast Asia. It's supposedly "Big Brother meets The Voice," and its premise revolves around "fresh-faced debutants [roughing it out] against former pros."

Road to World Cup's challenges lean on FIFA, as well as LoL, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and DOTA 2. While The Next Gamer doesn't have any dates set in stone (the official website simply states "Spawning Soon"), casting for Road to World Cup begins on August 19, and filming starts on September 19. Interested? Better get moving!

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