A Sonic the Hedgehog Fan Replaced Movie Sonic's Model, but Now His Mouth Is Really Weird

A Sonic the Hedgehog Fan Replaced Movie Sonic's Model, but Now His Mouth Is Really Weird

I almost miss the teeth. Almost.

When the trailer for the Sonic the Hedgehog movie dropped a month ago, the internet made a whole lot of noise about how weird Sonic looks in the preview. One particularly dedicated Sonic the Hedgehog fan decided to do more than complain: He went ahead and replaced man-Sonic with a more cartoony version of the famous hedgehog. The replacement isn't perfect, but it gives us a good idea of how "traditional" Sonic might look in the real world.

Animator Artur Baranov posted the new trailer earlier this week. The difference between the Sonics is apparent before we even see the new hedgehog's face: He's shorter, his spikes are more pronounced, he has gloves instead of weird white hands, and his hands and arms are more noodly and less defined. Probably most important (depending on whom you ask), fan Sonic boasts the cartoon uni-eye we know and love, regardless of the fact we ought to know better.

Cartoon Sonic still looks extremely weird in our universe (which is why the Sonic movie shouldn't be set in our universe to begin with, but I digress). At least he's truer to himself, for lack of a better term. The mouth on Baranov's Sonic is extremely weird, however, and that's saying something after the Internet spent a month screaming about movie Sonic's teeth.

Baranov says his work isn't meant to be perfect but is simply supposed to give us a rough idea of what Sonic might look like after Paramount is done with his promised model revision. Said revision pushed the Sonic movie's release date from this November to Valentine's Day 2020.

It might be a while before Paramount is ready to reveal Sonic's new model, but if you're hoping for something that's a little closer to the games, here's an inkling of what you can expect. I just hope the marketing team doesn't do away with the "Gangsta's Paradise" trailer music. It is officially part of movie Sonic's DNA, and cannot be separated from his blood and soul.

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