A Sony Q&A Brings More Info on Bloodborne's The Old Hunters

A Sony Q&A Brings More Info on Bloodborne's The Old Hunters

You might not learn this upcoming DLCs biggest secrets, but you'll at least know what you're in for.

The PR cycle typically renders a game's mysteries null and void, but From Software stands as one of the few developers allowed to keep their secrets to themselves.

Naturally, this reclusiveness means we don't know much about Bloodborne's upcoming The Old Hunters DLC, outside of its November 24th release date and price of $19.99. But a recent Q&A posted on Sony's Japanese site revealed some details that, while somewhat obvious, are still better than nothing.

You'll need the original game if you want to play The Old Hunters, seeing as it isn't a stand-alone expansion, and you'll also need to buy this DLC if you want to experience any of its content online. That latter point may sound like a real "no duh" kind of thing, but Dark Souls 2 allowed players to be summoned into DLC areas even if they didn't purchase the expansions. One cue it does take from Dark Souls 2, though, is making the DLC content easy to access; upon purchasing The Old Hunter, an item called the "Eye of a Blood-Drunk Hunter" will appear in the hub area and grant access to this new area. If you played the original Dark Souls' DLC, you probably remember it took quite a few steps to access the new content you paid for.

What's still up in the air, though is what The Old Hunters will entail. According to the Q&A, "The Old Hunters expansion depicts a nightmare world where the old hunters are captured." And while that isn't very helpful, members of the fan community have already put together their own theories about how this DLC will touch upon Bloodborne's existing lore. Whatever happens, more Bloodborne is always good news, and you can look forward to a full review right here on USgamer.

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