A Time Traveling Titan is the Star of Destiny 2's Season of Dawn

A Time Traveling Titan is the Star of Destiny 2's Season of Dawn

Moon's haunted, Mercury's unstuck in time…

In the fiction of Destiny, it's a big deal when a Guardian really dies. Destiny 2's next season will focus on the story of one of the most famous deceased Guardians in Bungie's lore—and thanks to some time travel trickery, it looks like players will have a chance to meet him starting December 10.

Bungie's new trailer for the Season of Dawn reveals that its story will largely take place on Mercury and focus on the story of the Exo Titan named Saint-14. In addition to new content centered around Saint-14, Season of Dawn will include a 6-player matchmaking experience called The Sundial, add quests for new Exotics, and reintroduce Rusted Lands—a Crucible arena from the original Destiny—to Destiny 2's pool of maps. Bungie's set to reveal more about what's coming in Season of Dawn in a stream on December 4.

As the original Vanguard of the Titans, Saint-14's name has cropped up time and time again in item descriptions. Perhaps most notably, the Helm of Saint-14 (Titan headgear with a plume resembling that of Roman soldier's) was part of the original collection of Exotic armor you could earn in the first Destiny.

In the Curse of Osiris expansion that introduced the Mercury setting to Destiny 2, players learned what happened to Saint-14. Long story short, the legendary Titan died in in the Infinite Forest, a realm the Vex created to simulate other realities. Now, it looks as though Osiris himself has worked out some way for the player's Guardian to reach Saint-14 in the real past. Saint-14's signature weapon is an Exotic that players can create in Destiny 2's present day—so, in classic time travel story fashion, there's a loop we've got to close.

Season of Dawn's story is building off of the Vex Offensive that capped off Season of the Undying last month. As the first in Destiny 2's new post-Shadowkeep approach to seasonal content, some enticing lore hints were dropped in Undying, though many players found the Vex Offensive finale itself to be a bust. Hopefully Destiny 2 players won't come away from Season of Dawn feeling like it's sending them on a timeloop of content for content's sake.

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