A Way Out is EA's Intriguing, Co-Op Only Prison Drama

A Way Out is EA's Intriguing, Co-Op Only Prison Drama

The story looks interesting, but the gameplay is A Way Out's true standout.

EA apparently fell in love with Josef Fares' indie game Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. So much so that the company partnered with him on the developer's new game, A Way Out, which looks to be a more ambitious version of Brother's asymmetrical gameplay.

Fares took the stage at EA to introduce the new game which will only be playable in split-screen co-op. In Brothers, you played two characters at the same time using half a controller. A Way Out takes that format and evolves it with better graphics and more ambitious narrative design. The game is completely co-op with each player controlling either Leo or Vincent whose stories play out simultaneously.

The trailer is very much reminiscent of prison crime dramas while the gameplay video showcases the asymmetrical, co-op gameplay. For instance, there will be moments where Leo is playable while Vincent is stuck in a cutscene. That's the kind of dual gameplay Fares and his team are gunning for.

A Way Out is slated for a Early 2018 release.

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