Adam "Deal With It" Orth Making Game Inspired by Twitter Spat

Adam "Deal With It" Orth Making Game Inspired by Twitter Spat

The former Microsoft creative director has had time to reflect on past decisions.

Remember back when Xbox One was first being announced, and the thing the video game community was angry about that week -- perhaps justifiably so in this instance -- was the new console's proposed "always-online" nature?

Remember when Microsoft's then creative director Adam Orth infamously told Twitter to "#dealwithit" after the community backlash, how Microsoft later distanced itself from Orth's comments with the usual "this person is not a spokesperson for Microsoft" spiel, and how Orth subsequently left the company?

Orth does. Speaking with Kotaku, he described the backlash against his comments as shaking him to his core, and inspiring him to change his life, starting afresh as the leader of a small indie studio.

One of that studio's projects is known as >Adr1ft, a game which Orth claims is inspired by the whole debacle. "This is how I chose to, in the words of a famous philosopher, 'deal with it,'" he said.

>Adr1ft casts players in the role of an astronaut who is floating above Earth in the ruins of a space station. The game will incorporate exploration and environmental puzzle solving, and will see the player attempting to clean up after whatever disaster befell the space station, then make things right and go home. Further details are slim pickings right now -- the game presently only exists as a prototype -- but Orth claims that the overarching story of the complete game will draw more parallels between the player character's situation and his own experiences.

With the growth in independent developers in recent years, we've started to see a lot more games like this -- deeply personal experiences that are an attempt by their authors to communicate something specific with their audience. In Orth's case, it seems like a healthy way to come to terms with and perhaps find some closure regarding a period of time he probably doesn't look back on all that fondly. If nothing else, the concept of the game sounds particularly intriguing -- and with other exploration-based, environmental storytelling games like Gone Home and The Stanley Parable still resonating well with critics and players alike, it's a good time for Orth to be working on something like this.

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