After Nearly 15 Years, Beyond Good and Evil 2 is Finally Here

After Nearly 15 Years, Beyond Good and Evil 2 is Finally Here

It could also be a prequel.

It's finally here. After years and years of waiting, Beyond Good and Evil 2 is real and it looks like a wild ride. The cult game lives again in the first trailer for Ubisoft's East-Meets-West dieselpunk future. Check out the trailer below, it's a trip.

The trailer begins with a talking chimp as he scores a big one against some kind of pig crime boss. Once the gig is up, the chimp and an associate make their escape before bringing back their score back to a spaceship captained by someone who could be named "Dakini".

Ubisoft Montpellier has taken point on Beyond Good and Evil 2, and despite years and years of waiting, it started to feel like the game might never see the light of the day, especially since it's been so long since the last, very brief E3 teaser. Now, almost 15 years later Beyond Good and Evil 2 is back.

The game takes place before the birth of Jade, essentially serving as a prequel. Beyond Good and Evil 2 has a seamless online component that allows players to discover new worlds and sail the stars.

Check out Ubisoft's ambitious looking cinematic trailer below.

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