AI-Powered Mod Makes Final Fantasy 7's Graphics as Smooth as Sephiroth's Butt

AI-Powered Mod Makes Final Fantasy 7's Graphics as Smooth as Sephiroth's Butt

Trust me. That's smooth.

It's hardly worth mentioning at this point, but: The Final Fantasy 7 remake isn't coming out any time soon. Now, here's some good news: There's a unique AI-powered mod that might finally satiate your desire to play Final Fantasy 7 with perfectly crisp visuals.

(Don't lie. The desire burns in all of us. Like a furnace.)

The project's called "The Final Fantasy 7 Remako" mod, which is a title guaranteed to make you say "What? Oh! Ha ha! Neat!". It upscales the pre-rendered backgrounds for the PC version of the game, which means no more jaggies. Interestingly, the Remako Mod works for the Steam release of Final Fantasy 7 and the disc-based 1997 release! If you're still hooked on Final Fantasy 7: Windows 95 Nostalgia Edition, the mod bumps up the game's resolution four times from its original setting.

Final Fantasy 7 Remako is the work of "CaptRobau," who parked the mod on their personal site. You'll also find handy FAQs about installation and bugs.

Speaking of bugs, there's a chance you might find some. Though the mod covers the entirety of Final Fantasy 7, CaptRobau points out they've not had time to double-check every single background in the game. There's a contact link on the site if you decide to help CaptRobau do some bug-squishing.

Square Enix's Final Fantasy 7 remake is reportedly coming along. We should hear some announcements about the game this year. We'll keep you updated on news as soon as it happens. We don't sleep around here much.

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