"Alien Day" Sale Knocks the Price of Alien: Isolation Down 95 Percent on Steam

"Alien Day" Sale Knocks the Price of Alien: Isolation Down 95 Percent on Steam

Two dollars is a steal for one of the scariest games of the generation.

Ridley Scott's Alien, released in 1979, celebrated its 40th anniversary last May. So why, then, are we currently celebrating "Alien Day" in April? The explanation's a bit silly, but the upshot is that you can pick up some Alien franchise video games for free or very, very cheap right now as part of the celebrations.

The main attraction of the Alien Day sale, especially for fans of the original film, is the Steam sale on Alien: Isolation. Now available for two dollars, Creative Assembly's 2014 first-person horror game still stands out as one of the best-looking games of this console generation, and the most faithful recreation of the original Alien's look and feel in games yet. For $12.49, you can grab a bundle with all the DLC, including the campaigns that bring back Sigourney Weaver, Harry Dean Stanton, and others to reprise their roles from the film.

Sega, publishers of Alien: Isolation, haven't slashed its price down on consoles with the same vigor. It's $29.99 on PS4 and Xbox One (though it's a free-with-Game Pass title on the latter). For the Switch, which got an excellent port of Isolation last year, it's actually cheaper there than on the other consoles for the first time, coming in on sale at $24.99.

If you've already played Isolation and it left a Xenomorph-shaped hole in your life, you can also pick up the well-received mobile game Alien: Blackout for free. Sega, meanwhile, has also discounted Aliens vs. Predator and Gearbox's infamous Aliens: Colonial Marines on Steam.

So, why are we celebrating Alien Day right now? Well, it officially takes place on April 26, or 4/26, a reference to the planet Ripley and company touchdown on in Alien. There, John Hurt's Kane leans in a little too close to a Xenomorph egg and, well, you probably know what happens next.

Alien Day isn't related to the recent release of Predator: Hunting Grounds, a new asymmetrical multiplayer game based on its sci-fi sibling. We'll have a review of that game up at USgamer soon, but just know that there's no Xenomorph in it (yet), so don't get your hopes up for a new take on AVP.

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