Alien Isolation: Creative Assembly on Crafting the "Definitive Survival Horror Game"

Alien Isolation: Creative Assembly on Crafting the "Definitive Survival Horror Game"

USgamer talks with Creative Assembly creative director Al Hope about developing the Alien gaming experience we've all been waiting for.

After Alien: Colonial Marines, I'm sure the Alien fans out there are pining for a proper game that lives up to the earlier films. A game that brings a clear sense of tension and horror to players, trapped somewhere with a vicious xenomorph. Total War developer Creative Assembly is attempting to marry that scifi horror feel to a genuine gaming experience with Alien: Isolation.

"Isolation takes a survival horror approach to Alien, transforming the essence of the original film's second half into a first-person adventure in which players take the role of Ellen Ripley's daughter Amanda," said our own Jeremy Parish when he had a chance to take a look at the title earlier this year.

"The developers have expressed pride in the fact that the survival horror vibe in Isolation is so deeply entrenched that their test audiences' instinct upon finding pistols has universally been to continue sticking to the shadows rather than go in shooting. Stealth and caution are the name of the game. As such, those expecting to play Isolation like a typical Alien game are in for a nasty surprise: A single careless movement equals death."

Ready to hear more about Alien: Isolation, we headed out to recent event to talk to the game's creative director Al Hope. You'll find the entire interview below in snazzy video form, because we're not all just nerds with keyboards here. Alongside Hope's comments and thoughts, you'll also get a look at the game in action!

In Part 1, Hope talks about the game's setting and what Creative Assembly brings to the table in building the "definitive survival horror" experience. Which is good, because Capcom's Resident Evil series has seemingly left those pastures behind.

In Part 2, Hope shines some light on Amanda Ripley, the game's protagonist and the daughter of film series' heroine Ellen Ripley.

Hopes spends half of Part 3 talking about Creative Assembly's working relationship with Alien franchise owner 20th Century Fox. The other half details what went into building the space station where Alien: Isolation is set and how the game connects to the larger film franchise.

In the final part of the interview, Hope explains the team's philosophy behind the game's xenomorph and making each encounter with the creature meaningful. He also clues us in on some of the tools at the player's disposal in their quest for survival.

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