All of Our E3 2019 Coverage: News, Rumors, and Hands-on for the Show's Biggest Games

All of Our E3 2019 Coverage: News, Rumors, and Hands-on for the Show's Biggest Games

Here's how to easily find all of our E3 2019 coverage so far.

E3 2019 is here! After tons of anticipation, speculation, and many, many leaks, we're officially ready to jump into what should be a momentous year for games. E3 2019 doesn't technically start until Tuesday, June 11, but we'll be on the ground starting Saturday to cover EA Play.

To get ready for E3 2019, we put together a bunch of articles listing conference start times, rumors, and everything else. Check them out below.

Caty, Mike, and Eric will be in LA to cover the show, and we have staff in both the U.K. and U.S. following everything from home. Keep checking back throughout the week as play the games, talk to the developers, and choose the best games from E3 2019. You can find all of our coverage below.

Biggest E3 2019 Stories

Cyberpunk 2077 Quest Director on The Witcher 3 Comparisons, Life Paths, and Keanu At E3 2019, we sit down with the director of Cyberpunk 2077's quests to learn about how Night City, life paths, and more will affect how the story unfolds. 2 months ago Dying Light 2's Player Choices Mean Your First Playthrough Will Reveal Maybe Less Than Half of the Game's Content We saw a hands-off demo of how Dying Light 2's choices impact its open-world, mechanics, and more. 2 months ago Nintendo Direct E3 2019 Recap: Breath of the Wild 2 Megaton Blows Everything Else Away Also, a new Mana game, tons of ports, and lots more. 2 months ago Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Sequel is in Development Link is back to fight the undead? 2 months ago Animal Crossing New Horizons for Switch Delayed to March 2020 A blow to many prospective, virtual home buyers. 2 months ago Square Enix E3 2019 Recap: Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Marvel's Avengers, and Remasters Square Enix finally gives Marvel and Final Fantasy fans what they want. 2 months ago Final Fantasy 7 Remake's Full Combat System Revealed as a Hybrid of Real-Time and ATB Mechanics The best, most complete look at Final Fantasy 7 Remake yet. Including Tifa. 2 months ago Final Fantasy 7 Remake Release Date Set for March 2020 Final Fantasy 7 Remake has a trailer and release date before Square Enix's big E3 presentation. 2 months ago Bethesda E3 2019 Press Conference Recap: Shinji Mikami, Arkane, and Fallout 76 [!?] Shine With New Announcements Doom Eternal, Elder Scrolls: Blades on Switch, and lots more from the Bethesda press conference. 2 months ago Deathloop Is The Next Game From the Developers of Dishonored Arkane Lyon has a new action game on the way. 2 months ago

Nintendo E3 2019

We've Learned a Lot About Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Including Why It Was Delayed Here's what we learned about Animal Crossing: New Horizons from E3. 2 months ago Fire Emblem: Three Houses Will Have Romance, but Only After a Five-Year Time Skip Also, there will be dual-audio options for the whole game. 2 months ago Fire Emblem: Three Houses Avatar Byleth's Appearance Won't be Customizable Outside of Gender, Nintendo Says Nintendo reaches out to clarify customization options for Byleth. 2 months ago The Actual Winners and Losers of E3 2019 Tired: Ray-tracing, 8K graphics, and bombshell announcements. Wired: Pitbulls, pee scandals, and grannies who kill. 2 months ago The Pokemon Sword and Shield Interview: "We Knew at Some Point We Weren't Going to be Able to Keep Indefinitely Supporting All of the Pokemon" We talk to Game Freak about the battle potential of Dynamax, the decision to narrow the number of available Pokemon, and the move into a new era. 2 months ago Younger Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 Developers Have Been Inspired by Red Dead Redemption 2 You got a little yee haw in my Zelda. 2 months ago The Link's Awakening Remake is Incredibly Faithful to the Original, Except for Maybe One Thing Even the dialogue remains the same. 2 months ago The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Director Returns for the Sequel, Will be a Continuation of the First Game Hidemaro Fujibayashi is taking the reigns again for the Breath of the Wild sequel. 2 months ago Fire Emblem: Three Houses Drops the Iconic Weapon Triangle. Here’s What That Means for the Gameplay We go hands-on with much-anticipated Switch version of the classic tactics series. 2 months ago Pokemon Sword and Shield's Dynamax Adds Dramatic Flair to Gym Battles Pokemon are living large on the Nintendo Switch. 2 months ago Mario Maker 2 "Making Changes" That May Make it Possible to Play With Friends Online Nintendo making some changes after outcry. 2 months ago Princess Zelda Might be the Hero in the Dark Sequel Breath of the Wild 2 Is Zelda ready to take up Link's mantle as Hyrule's hero? The signs are there. 2 months ago Entire The Witcher 3: Complete Edition Will Fit on the Notoriously Small Switch Cartridge Saber Interactive found a way to get The Witcher 3, and all the expansions in a single cartridge. 2 months ago Pokemon Sword and Shield Won't Have Full National Pokedex, Locking Some Pokemon Out Only monsters from the Galar Pokedex will be transferable through Pokemon Bank. 2 months ago All the Other Nintendo Switch Games Coming Out, From Spyro to Alien: Isolation Nintendo had a lot of games to announce, so much that they had to do it in a sizzle reel. 2 months ago Banjo-Kazooie Bring a Beatdown to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate This Fall The Rare duo are joining the fight. 2 months ago Trials of Mana, A Remake of Seiken Densetsu 3, Is Coming to Switch, PS4, and PC We get TWO versions of Seiken Densetsu 3 now! 2 months ago No More Heroes 3 is Finally Here and It's Coming to Switch in 2020 Travis Touchdown strikes back! 2 months ago The Link's Awakening Remake is Coming to Switch This September, Will Have A Dungeon Creator Escape Koholint this September. 2 months ago Resident Evil 5 and 6 are Both Coming to Nintendo Switch This Fall The Resident Evil collection grows on the Nintendo Switch. 2 months ago

Xbox E3 2019

Xbox Boss Phil Spencer: "The Business is Not How Many Consoles You Sell" Spencer says you shouldn't worry about the hardware side of things. A month ago Spiritfarer is a Calming Management Sim About The Afterlife Like Animal Crossing, but about helping the deceased find peace before moving on. A month ago Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Says E3 Just Isn't the Same Without Sony Without the friendly rivalry, E3 suffered a little bit. 2 months ago Phantasy Star Online 2 Will "End Up on All Platforms," Phil Spencer Confirms The popular MMORPG will eventually come to PlayStation and maybe even the Switch. 2 months ago Gears Tactics Still In Development, Gears of War Producer Confirms The missing Gears game is still okay. 2 months ago The Actual Winners and Losers of E3 2019 Tired: Ray-tracing, 8K graphics, and bombshell announcements. Wired: Pitbulls, pee scandals, and grannies who kill. 2 months ago Halo Infinite's E3 2019 Trailer Was All Running in 343's Newest Game Engine It's actually the opening cinematic to the Halo Infinite campaign. 2 months ago Microsoft Talks About Desire to Buy Japanese Studio, What Needs to Happen With Game Pass Exclusives Phil Spencer and Matt Booty are still keeping things about Xbox's future a secret. 2 months ago Microsoft Open to Possibility of Services Like Xbox Game Pass on Switch as It Seeks to Blur the Lines Between Devices "If any game developer or platform holder wants to come talk about cross-play, I'll be the first one in that meeting," says Microsoft's Mike Ybarra 2 months ago Bleeding Edge Didn't Leave a Good First Impression Bleeding Edge is so forgettable, I almost didn't write this up. 2 months ago Minecraft Dungeons is Diablo for People Who Are Intimidated by Diablo We got a chance to see Mojang's first standalone game in a long while in action. 2 months ago Project Scarlett Will be Backward Compatible for Games and Accessories, All the Way Back to the Original Xbox To what extend this backward compatibility goes is still up in the air. 2 months ago Microsoft Says It's "Continuing to Investigate" a Solution for xCloud and Data Caps Data caps remain the elephant in the room of our streaming future. 2 months ago Microsoft's Dud of an E3 2019 Press Conference Makes Sony Look Smart for Skipping the Show Sony got more out of a Wired interview than Microsoft did in an entire press conference. 2 months ago Halo 5 Looks Stunning Streaming at 60fps on Project xCloud, Gears 4 Less So We see what its like to play Halo 5 on a smartphone with Microsoft's new streaming tech. 2 months ago Every Halo Game in the Master Chief Collection for PC Will be $10, Except for One Can you guess which Halo game? 2 months ago Halo Infinite Needs to Be Project Scarlett's Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild The Switch proves systems don't sell on specs. They sell on games. 2 months ago First Trailer for From Software and George R.R. Martin's New Game Elden Ring Premieres at Xbox E3 Showcase We got our first look at this new collab for From Soft. 2 months ago Project Scarlett, Xbox's Next-Gen Console Will Support 8K Resolution, 120fps, and Launch With Halo in 2020 The next-gen Xbox will be the most powerful Microsoft console yet. 2 months ago Tales of Arise Gets First Gameplay Footage in Stunning New Trailer Tales of Arise, after leaking earlier, gets its first trailer. 2 months ago

EA Play 2019

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Definitely Isn't The Force Unleashed Again: Hands-On As a fugitive on the run, you're not meant to feel like a god, Respawn says. 2 months ago FIFA 20 Hands-on: Slower, But Perhaps Better We try out this year's version of EA's popular soccer sim. 2 months ago Hands-On With Apex Legend's New Character: How Wattson Will Shake Up Your Team Dynamic Apex Legends has a new character coming next month, and she brings a nice spark to the defense lineup. 2 months ago FIFA 20 Developers on Why Volta Won't Have Online Team Play, the Microtransactions Question, and More We checked out the new FIFA Street revival at EA Play 2019. Here's what we learned. 2 months ago How Blocking Solved the Lightsaber Problem in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order There's actually a major gameplay issue with the lightsaber, but Respawn figured a way to solve it. 2 months ago Madden 20 EA Play 2019 Hands-On: 5 Observations and My Current Confidence Level Madden 20 adds some new features to highlight the superstars, but is it enough? 2 months ago Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Demo Showcases AT-AT Vehicle Sequence EA has revealed more of Respawn’s Star Wars game during a second demo. 2 months ago Madden 20 Gets a Gameplay Reveal and Ratings Performance Adjuster at EA Play This year's Madden wants to capture NFL stars as realistically as possible. 2 months ago Apex Legends Season 2 Reveal: Wattson, Ranked Mode, Improved Battle Pass Challenges Respawn is addressing major complaints for Apex Legends Season 2. Will it be enough? 2 months ago FIFA 20 Looks to Be Adding the Flavor of FIFA Street With the New Volta Mode A new mode takes the soccer action to the streets. 2 months ago A New Need For Speed is Coming This Year, But Skipping E3 No pit stop in June for the Need For Speed team. 2 months ago

Ubisoft E3 2019

Ubisoft E3 2019 Press Conference Recap: Gods and Monsters, Watch Dogs Legion, and a Very Good Dog All of Ubisoft's announcements from today's show. 2 months ago Gods and Monsters is a New Greek Mythology Adventure From the Assassin's Creed Odyssey Team It's coming in 2020 to PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Switch. 2 months ago Ubisoft Announces Uplay+, Its Own Subscription Service Like Xbox Game Pass Uplay+ will have over 100 games on launch in September. 2 months ago The Next Rainbow Six is a Co-Op Game Called Quarantine, Coming Early Next Year The operatives will take on something a little scarier than each other. 2 months ago Watch Dogs Legion Chose London Before Brexit, But It's Still Ubisoft's Most Political Game to Date We hands-on with the latest in the Watch Dog's franchise and interview Ubisoft's Clint Hocking. 2 months ago The Division Live-Action Movie is Heading to Netflix Ubisoft will release its upcoming live-action film on the popular streaming platform. 2 months ago For All You Loners Out There, Ghost Recon Breakpoint Will Let You Have A.I. Companions Ghost Recon Breakpoint is light on new details, but shows off a lot of fresh footage. 2 months ago Watch Dogs Legion Gameplay Reveal Has a Lot of Playable Characters and Many Different London Accents, Releasing March 2020 My name is DeadSec, for we are many. 2 months ago Rainbow Six Quarantine Rumored for E3 as Ubisoft's Entire Show Continues to Leak Ubisoft loses another game to E3 leaks. 2 months ago Beyond Good & Evil 2 is Skipping E3 This Year, But There's A Live Stream Next Week At least you won't have to wait as long to see some more of the game. 2 months ago

Square Enix E3 2019

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Will Support Next-Gen Consoles, Square Enix CEO Confirms So whether you're on the PS4 or PS5, you'll have Final Fantasy 7 Remake. 2 months ago Square Enix is Mulling Over a Subscription Service for Classic Games, if It Can Find Them First Square Enix may have misplaced a few classic video game source codes. 2 months ago Final Fantasy 7 Remake Replaces Longtime Cloud Strife Voice Actor Steve Burton will be stepping down from the role after 17 years. 2 months ago Marvel's Avengers' Gameplay Nails the Scope and Spectacle, But Important Questions Remain Unanswered Avengers plays well, but we still have a few questions. 2 months ago The Final Fantasy 7 Remake Soundtrack Sounds Different So Far, But in A Good Way The new orchestral compositions of familiar tunes sound great so far. 2 months ago One Exchange in Final Fantasy 7 Remake That Shows Just How Bad the Dialogue Can Get They really need to tone down the swearing in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. 2 months ago Final Fantasy 7 Remake E3 2019 Demo Breakdown: Sephiroth vs. Cloud, Shinra HQ Details, and Egg and Chips Everything we notice in last night's big Final Fantasy 7 Remake reveal. 2 months ago Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 1 Will be Set Solely in Midgar, Second Episode Being Outlined Now Square Enix isn't sure how many episodes there will be. 2 months ago Romancing Saga 3, Saga: Scarlet Grace Are Coming to Lots of Platforms Two remasters of Saga games are journeying westward. 2 months ago We Still Don't Much About Outriders, People Can Fly's New Shooter People Can Fly has a dark looking shooter, and that's all we know so far. 2 months ago The Last Remnant Remastered is Coming to the Nintendo Switch Tonight The cult-JRPG lives on, this time on the Switch. 2 months ago Final Fantasy 8 Finally Getting Remastered for PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and PC Later This Year Welcome back, prodigal Squall. 2 months ago

E3 2019 General Coverage

No Straight Roads is a Musical Action-Adventure Where You Don't Necessarily Need Good Rhythm Directed by the lead game designer of Final Fantasy 15, No Straight Roads is a music-driven action-adventure game inspired by all genres. A month ago Call of Duty: Mobile Should Really be Called "Call of Duty: Everything" At E3 2019, we went hands-on with Call of Duty's next frontier: phones. A month ago The Outer Worlds Makes Conversation As Powerful as Combat There's a variety of way to tackle your problems in Obsidian's The Outer Worlds. A month ago Sky: Children of the Light is a New Game From the Creators of Journey Where Everyone Wants to Give You a Hug At E3 2019, we got some hands-on time with the next social adventure from thatgamecompany, which launches next month. A month ago "We're Never Gonna Make an Apex 2:" Apex Legends Devs Look Ahead to Season 2, and Way Beyond At EA Play last week, we interviewed Apex Legends' executive producer and lead product manager about all the changes coming this summer. A month ago How John Wick Hex's Action is Designed With the Help of the Film's Fight Choreographers We check out the unique strategy game being developed with consultation from the film series' creators. 2 months ago "If We Are Going to Do [E3] as an Industry, Then We Need to Be Into It" THIS WEEK IN BUSINESS | The theme of this year's E3 2019? Subscriptions and streaming, with every major company either participating or at least weighing in on the coming wave of services. 2 months ago Cyberpunk 2077 Will Let You Create Transgender Characters CD Projekt Red ultimately wants a robust character creator. 2 months ago Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is the Better Marvel Game at E3 2019 The Switch delivers the Marvel experience I'm looking for. 2 months ago Keanu Reeves Has the Second Most Dialogue in Cyberpunk 2077 You'll be hearing a lot from Johnny Silverhand in Cyberpunk 2077. 2 months ago CD Projekt Red on Cyberpunk 2077 Controversies: "There are a Lot of People [...] That Really Care About These Subjects and We Want to Do it Right" CD Projekt Red is determined to regain fan trust after a slew of controversies dating back to last year. 2 months ago Vote Here for the USG Best of E3 2019 Community Award! What did you love most from E3 2019? We want to hear from you! 2 months ago Yu Suzuki Says Shenmue 3 Will Get Us 40 Percent Through Ryo's Story There's still a lot more Shenmue where that came from. 2 months ago Sadly, You Probably Can't Hook Up With Keanu Reeves in Cyberpunk 2077 Sleeping with NPCs does not seem to extend to digital ghost Keanu Reeves, unfortunately. 2 months ago Contra: Rogue Corps is the Type of Game That Gives You a Hip Flask as Promotional Item Contra returns in a new game built for modern gaming. 2 months ago After Six Years In Development, The Indie Timeloop Thriller 12 Minutes Is Finally Nearing Completion A long time ago, I played a demo of 12 Minutes. At E3 2019, it surprisingly reemerged with a new publisher, Annapurna, backing it. 2 months ago The Actual Winners and Losers of E3 2019 Tired: Ray-tracing, 8K graphics, and bombshell announcements. Wired: Pitbulls, pee scandals, and grannies who kill. 2 months ago CD Projekt Red Says Capitalism is the Reason for Controversial In-Game Cyberpunk 2077 Ad CD Projekt Red addresses controversial in-game ad in Cyberpunk. 2 months ago Will PS5 and Scarlett be the Last Console Generation? Execs Disagree Phil Spencer's view on the future of consoles differ from Ubisoft's top executive. 2 months ago Elden Ring Will Be Just as Tough as Past Soulsborne Games, Hidetaka Miyazaki Says We'll see how well George R.R. Martin's mythos meshes with FromSoft's gameplay. 2 months ago

E3 2019 will begin in earnest with EA Play tomorrow. The show will then continue all the way through Thursday. Want even more info? Subscribe to our newsletters, and make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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