All of Today's Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Announcements: Battle Royale, Zombies, No Single Player

There was a lot of Call of Duty Black Ops 4 today.

Today, Activision and Treyarch finally unveiled Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 ("IIII"). There were a lot of big moments, and confirmation of rumors we've heard earlier this year. Let's break down some of the big things announced at this year's Call of Duty event.

No Single Player Mode

Like the reports from earlier this year stated, Black Ops 4 will not have a traditional single-player mode this year. Instead, the developers at Activision repeatedly stated how story elements would be woven into every aspect of Black Ops 4's various multiplayer modes.

This is seen with Black Ops 4's choice to use "Specialists" in the multiplayer mode. Individual characters with unique abilities and backstories. No two specialists are the same, and each of them bring with them a different personality and background. For example, Ruiner is a kind of demolitions expert, while Crash is the team medic. In that way they are very similar to the Operators in Ubisoft's Rainbow Six Siege.

Gameplay and Weapons get a huge overhaul

Treyarch said today that they treated each weapon like a unique character. The way weapons work in Black Ops 4 have had more changes made to them than in the entirety of Black Ops 1, 2, and 3 combined.

For starters, Black Ops 4 weapons will have specific attachments, rather than attachments per classes. In addition, guns will have a predictive recoil system to make them feel more realistic which Treyarch says goes a long way to make weapons look and feel completely new.

In terms of gameplay, Black Ops 4 will be a 100 percent "boots on the ground." Meaning there will be no wall running, no thrust jumping, or anything else that takes players off their feet. There's a new gun up mechanic so players can keep their weapons armed even when throwing grenades or doing other actions.

And lastly, for the first time in Call of Duty multiplayer history, health does not regenerate automatically. Instead, players need to manually hit a health button where after a delay, players will heal themselves.

Three Complete Zombie Maps

Black Ops 4 will ship with three complete zombie modes. The first two shown off centered around a group of four adventurers as they take on two vignette-like zombie adventures.

The first zombie map shown was called "IX" and starred four heroes named Bruno, Diego, Shawn, and Scarlet as they are transported back to what looks like a Roman colosseum where they waged battle against an ancient cult who turned prisoners into zombies.

The next zombie map is called Voyage of Despair and stars the same four heroes, but this time as they battle zombies on the sinking Titanic.

The last map, which was only teased, is called Blood of the Dead and appears to be a sequel to the Mob of the Dead map from Black Ops 2.

Black Ops 4 is also doing something new with zombies this year where players can create Custom Mutations. That means custom rulesets, and zombie configurations to play Zombies the way they want to play it.

Battle Royale

As rumored earlier, Black Ops 4 will have a battle royale mode called Blackout. It takes place on a map 1500 times the size of Nuketown and will include weapons, characters, and map elements from over 10 years of Call of Duty history. The mode will let players drive in either land, air, or water vehicles and players must fight to become the last player standing.

Black Ops 4 will be the first Call of Duty game to release on Blizzard's service. That means Black Ops 4 will get the full features of including group chat, friends list, party invites, and more. It is the second Non-Blizzard game to appear on after Destiny 2.

Black Ops 4 on PC will be developed with customization in mind. Like Destiny 2 on PC, Black Ops 4 PC will support 4K, HDR, widescreen, and anything else you might want graphically from your PC rig.

League Play Returns

League Play from Black Ops 2 returns in Black Ops 4. Like League modes in other games, players will be ranked based on their competitive performance, and placed in brackets specific to their skills. They will then be able to climb the ladder in a competitive League style mode, or maybe fall in the rankings if they have a bad season.

For more on Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 check out our complete Black Ops 4 guide with all the latest news, trailers, and release date details. Also check in later as we'll have a full preview of Black Ops 4 waiting for you on the site.

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