All the New Announcements at Today's Nindie Showcase: Towerfall, Samurai Gunn 2, and More

All the New Announcements at Today's Nindie Showcase: Towerfall, Samurai Gunn 2, and More

Handheld indie goodness just keeps on coming.

Nintendo's still hell-bent on dishing up as many indie games as possible onto the Switch. The Summer Nindies Showcase, which Nintendo streamed earlier today, gave us release dates for a few games announced earlier. A few new titles were announced, too. What's the fun of a Nintendo Direct presentation if we don't get a surprise or two?

Missed the show? We have summaries and highlights for you, because we're prepared for every eventuality.

Hyper Light Drifter (September 6)
Heart Machine's excellent twitch / action game is coming to Switch very soon, and the titular Drifter has some exclusive new threads to show for it.

TowerFall (September 27)
TowerFall, the multiplayer archery combat game (and generally chaotic murder-fest), is coming to the Switch. There are even a couple of new characters in tow: Madeline and Badeline, both from Celeste. Badeline is Madeline's "shadow" in Celeste, but they're not exactly attached at the hip in TowerFall. In other words, prepare for trouble. Heck, make it double.

Treasure Stack (Winter 2018)
Treasure Stack is an action / puzzle game that's all about using a grappling hook to pull falling boxes out of their slow descent from the sky and onto your narrow game board, Tetris-style. It looks like a lot of fun, but remember, kids: It's pretend. Don't use a grappling hook unless you get permission from your parents, or from Batman.

Mineko's Night Market (Early 2019)
Mineko's Night Market is a game that lets you pluck kittens out of the ground like cabbages. Cats come first and foremost in Mineko's Night Market, as they should, but you can also interact with townsfolk, run a market stall, and make crafty stuff with a bandsaw that'll surely take your fingers off if you don't watch yourself.

Samurai Gunn 2 (Early 2019)
A sequel to 2013's Samurai Gunn (clearly). Though it's still a bushido brawler at heart, Samurai Gunn 2 also has a new adventure mode that lets you get to the bottom of a spooky mystery haunting Gunn City.

Bullet Age (November)
Bullet Age is a co-op action-platforming game that combines sword-and-gun gameplay. For a game that takes place in this mysterious "Age of Bullets," it looks quite colorful and charming. You'd expect more gunmetal grey. Look for it soon.

The World Next Door (Early 2019)
The World Next Door is an action-adventure puzzle game that's story-driven. A human finds herself in the company of demons, and she must disguise herself to blend in. Unsurprisingly, at least a few specimens seem bent on giving our human protagonist a hard time.

Levelhead (November)
Levelhead lets you construct and share your very own game levels, which you can subsequently share with your friends if you're in a rush to get them to hate you. We don't know when or if Super Mario Maker will make its way to the Switch and give us all back our sacred powers of creation, so Levelhead might be a good option for now.

King of the Hat (Early 2019)
King of the Hat is a competitive hat-smashing game that lets your friends' stupid chapeaus have it. It's just between me and you now … smashed hat.

Untitled Goose Game (Early 2019)
Goose Simulator turns you into a goose and sets you loose in an unsuspecting town. In other words, it's a survival horror game—but everyone has to survive the horror that is you in your new feathery form. Show the humans no mercy: They've rested their heads on one too many down pillows.

Into the Breach (Today, son)
Into the Breach is a mech-based strategy game. In other words, it's perfect for Kat. I imagine it'll also be perfect for the Switch.

Bastion (September 13)
Supergiant's action / adventure classic about the End of the World is coming to the Switch soon. Sounds good: I'm way overdue for a replay.

Transistor (November)
Supergiant's unique action / strategy hybrid is coming to the Switch in November. Hopefully that means more people will help Red find her voice—and find peace along with it.

Having trouble keeping up with Nintendo's indie deluge? The Switch's new Indie Game channel app should help you keep all your titles and release dates in-mind.

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