All the Pokemon in the Detective Pikachu Trailer From Greninja to Charizard

All the Pokemon in the Detective Pikachu Trailer From Greninja to Charizard

Which Pokemon will appear in live-action?

The first trailer for the Detective Pikachu movie is out, and it’s demented. I mean that in a good way. All the Pokemon you see on screen are rendered realistically and it’s weird-slash-cool. We rounded up all the Pokemon we saw in the trailer so you can see how they’re depicted in the film.

The Detective Pikachu film opted for a more realistic take on Pokemon which leads to some surprises considering until now we've only ever seen Pokemon depicted in an animated style. Hey, at least we now know the textures for some Pokemon if they were real.

Dodrio, Charmander, various flying Pokemon

The opening shot of Ryme City lets you know what kind of world the movie is set in. This isn’t our regular world but a one filled with Pokemon and trainers. You can see some of them, like Charmander and Dodrio, walking around the city. You can also see a few Pokemon out in the wild like the flying Pokemon out in the city skyline.


Look at this precious baby. It’s Psyduck! The psychic duck whose immense powers causes headaches, the poor soul. Psyduck appears to belong to the female lead of the film played by Kathryn Newton (Lady Bird, Halt and Catch Fire). I love Psyduck and will protect it at all costs.

Pikachu, Detective

That’s Detective Pikachu to you! He has a little Sherlock Holmes hat and everything! Detective Pikachu is voiced by Ryan Reynolds (not Danny Devito sadly) and while he takes a little getting used to when you first see him, he turns out to be very cute and fluffy... in a Chuck E. Cheese animatronic kind of way.


The flying squirrel-type Pokemon Emolga is huddled on top of some street food vendors in Ryme City. Who knows what they’re doing up there. Maybe stealing some food? I don’t know.

Bulbasaur and Morelull

While I recognized the Bulbasaur immediately I didn’t know about Morelull. At first I thought it was a Togetic flying by but I was corrected afterwards. The Bulbasaur look cute though, look at them just splashing in the river.


For some reason I always imagined Jigglypuff as having a smooth surface, like rubber or gum. Turns out Jigglypuff is fluffy and covered in hair. That’s weird, but okay.


Charizard looks like he’s fighting in some kind of ringed cage match. If that’s what Pokemon battles are like in Ryme City that’s kind of messed up. Either way, Charizard is one of the biggest Pokemon we’ve seen so far in the trailer.


It’s a ninja lizard. Greninja is a popular Pokemon but I have a feeling these are the bad Pokemon based on what I’ve seen in the trailers.

Squirtel, Rufflet, and the top of Panchamp’s head

In the spectators for the Charizard fight you can see a few Pokemon in the audience like Squirtel, Rufflet, and Panchamp’s head very briefly. They all look cute.

Mr. Mime

Mr. Mime never made too much sense as a Pokemon. It’s practically human-like and that’s weird. Mr. Mime is weird, and he’s probably going to be weird in Detective Pikachu.

Pokemon: Detective Pikachu stars Ryan Reynolds as the voice of Detective Pikachu, Justice Smith, Kahtryn Newton, and Ken Watanabe. Detective Pikachu hits theaters on May 10, 2019.

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