All the Game Developers and Publishers Confirmed For Google's Video Game Reveal at GDC

Bandai Namco, Amy Hennig, and more confirmed to be involved with Google's big video game reveal.

Google is set to unveil its new video game venture tomorrow at the Game Developers Conference here in San Francisco. Rumors suggest Google will reveal a new streaming platform and possibly some hardware, but what we do know for sure is that there some big video game developers already onboard.

While Google hasn't officially announced what its big reveal is just yet, game developers and publishers are already teasing possible partnerships with the tech giant. These are the following developers and companies who are set to be involved with Google in some way or another.

Bandai Namco

Bandai Namco publicized its work with Google early with a tweet from way back in January. In it Bandai Namco US wrote, "Thank you for inviting us @Google! We're excited to work with you in 2019 to make video games more fun for everyone!" along with a picture of the Bandai Namco logo on a cappuccino. Bandai Namco is a Japanese developer and publisher responsible for the Tales JRPG series among other key franchises, and those games could be coming to whatever Google has planned.


Ubisoft is already familiar with Google's video games endeavor considering it partnered with the tech company to stream the latest Assassin's Creed on Google Chrome. The developer will also be a part of Google's GDC Developer Day session where Google presents the latest news and technical keynotes for Gogole's video game partnerships.

Id Software

Likewise, Id Software was also announced alongside Ubisoft for Google's Developer Day. The announcement specifically mentioned Id as the developer of Doom. Considering Doom: Eternal is set to be released later this year, the mention of Doom (as opposed to other Id games) could suggest something related to the hellbound shooter.

Amy Hennig, Crystal Dynamics, and Raph Koster

Lastly, Google announced Uncharted director Amy Hennig, Tomb Raider devs Crystal Dynamics, and Ultima Online designer Raph Koster as special guests to Google's Developer Day. It's unclear what the special guest designator means, but we know Hennig is currently working as an independent developer and Crystal Dynamics is working on its Untitled Avengers game. Could there be reveals for both projects tomorrow? Landing new games from either would be a big coup for Google when setting up an untested new video game platform so it's not out of the question.

Google first announced a big GDC reveal earlier this year when it sent press invites to a Google GDC Keynote. Google is promising the future of gaming and based on speculation it's likely a new Google video game platform. Google even hired ex-EA studio head Jade Raymond.

Google previously experimented with streaming triple-A games like Assassin's Creed: Odyssey directly through the Google Chrome browser, so there's a good chance the new announcement could be streaming related.

Check out USgamer tomorrow when we attend Google's GDC keynote for our complete coverage of whatever it is Google reveals. Are you looking forward to a new Google powered video game service? Read our Google GDC reveal guide for everything we know so far.

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