Amazon Reveals New Video Game Deals For Black Friday 2016

In search of cheap games and consoles on Amazon? Here's where you can find the best deals for Black Friday.

The Black Friday sales have finally kicked off, and retail powerhouse Amazon has rolled out its gaming sale. There are plenty of deals to be had on PS4 and Xbox One consoles and games, and here's where you can find the pick of the bunch.

We've sifted through the newest additions and listed the most enticing consoles and game offers that we can find - you can see those below. As we head towards Cyber Monday, we're expecting plenty more bargains to be up for grabs, and we'll be updating this list constantly as we find them. Don't forget to check back regularly so you don't miss anything.

Amazon Xbox One Bundle and Console Deals

There are quite a few Xbox One bundles on offer with a variety of different game options, so hopefully you can find one that best suits your taste.

Amazon PS4 Console Offers

Rather surprisingly, there are few PS4 bundles up for grabs right now, with only two that we think are worth mentioning. Both are outlined below.

Best Amazon Black Friday PS4 Game Deals

If you're looking for cheap PS4 games, you've definitely come to the right place. There are some pretty sweet deals currently available, and you can find the best of the best right here.

Black Friday Xbox One Game Bargains From Amazon

Finally, if it's Xbox One releases you're after, here are the best bargains we've managed to find. There are some really good deals available right now, so don't delay!

If you want to cast your net wider than just a single retailer, check out our similarly fresh and much more comprehensive list of the most interesting PS4 Black Friday deals. We've got a companion rundown of the best Xbox One discounts too, too, and if you crave still higher resolutions we've got a set of PC hardware, system, and game recommendations to look at as well.

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