AMD Creates New Radeon Technologies Group for Graphics Tech

Time runs in reverse as AMD create a distinct group to handle Radeon graphics technology.

Article by Mike Williams, .

AMD has announced that it will be creating the Radeon Technologies Group to handle everything related to the company's graphics business. This includes its classic discrete GPU business, APU, GPU compute, and semi-custom chips, like those found in the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. This move creates a new division to handle all graphics work within AMD, run by newly-promoted senior vice president and chief architect Raja Koduri. Koduri returned to AMD in 2013, after 4 years working for Apple on products like the Retina MacBook Pro. Koduri will still report directly to AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su.

"With the creation of the Radeon Technologies Group we are putting in place a more agile, vertically-integrated graphics organization focused on solidifying our position as the graphics industry leader, recapturing profitable share across traditional graphics markets, and staking leadership positions in new markets such as virtual and augmented reality," said Dr. Su.

"AMD is one of the few companies with the engineering talent and IP to make emerging immersive computing opportunities a reality," said Koduri. "Now, with the Radeon Technologies Group, we have a dedicated team focused on growing our business as we create a unique environment for the best and brightest minds in graphics to be a part of the team re-defining the industry."

The shift is interesting because AMD actually purchased the graphics side of the company, then called ATI, back in 2006 for $5.4 billion. That purchase was made on the strength of AMD CPUs at the time, which were cheaper than rival Intel's processors but still technically competitive. AMD was once on the forefront with its dual-core processors or products like the Athlon 64, but the company's CPU side has since fallen behind when it comes to performance. To long-time PC gamers, this feels like a reversion to an earlier time.

The R9 300 series cards.

The reorganization comes after a bad first quarter 2015 for AMD. Revenue was down 26 percent year-over-year and the company suffered a net loss of $180 million. The company has already bid farewell to its server system business in an effort to streamline operations. AMD latest discrete graphics products have been good, but plagued by driver issues in leading titles. That said, the company is bouncing back, reporting great performance in Direct X12 benchmarks compared to rival Nvidia.

Radeon Technologies Group is in a good place right now. The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 use the company's semi-custom chip and the rumor is Nintendo has tapped the company for the upcoming NX. The Radeon R9 300 series of graphics cards are solid, even if the performance lags a bit in certain major titles due to drivers. The Fury and Fury X cards look to take the bleeding-edge crown back from Nvidia's Titan cards. And perhaps with the split, the CPU division can get back to being competitive.

When I built my current PC a few months ago, I couldn't even entertain an AMD CPU as my processor and getting an AMD graphics card was a spotty endeavor. With a bit of focus though, I think AMD can get back to the point where it's competitive against Intel and Nvidia. As an old Red Team fan, I'd like a real rivalry again.

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  • Avatar for INSOMANiAC #1 INSOMANiAC 2 years ago
    Recently got myself a 980Ti Overclocked and while its pretty good, its not got the kind of performance I would really like, I realise a lot of it is down to how well a game is optimised but I would hope a post patch Batman: AK and GTA V would run smoothly on the highest settings at 1080p, GTA can slow to an absolute crawl in mission in the countryside when theres a firefight. I do worry that AMD is going to dominate in the DX12 era given the current benchmarks and that the 980ti will be quickly left behind. That being said, MGS:PP on high is a joy to behold and Alien: Isolation at 120fps is not to be sniffed at.
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  • Avatar for cldmstrsn #2 cldmstrsn 2 years ago
    @INSOMANiAC I am confused. I also have a 980 Ti and I game on a 1440 monitor and it is absolutely perfect.I consistently get close to 60 frames in games like Witcher 3. Is your 1080 monitor 120Hz? and its not reaching those frames on max settings? I just cant imagine anyone saying it doesn't have the performance you want especially at 1080.
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  • Avatar for Monkey-Tamer #3 Monkey-Tamer 2 years ago
    @INSOMANiAC My older 770 is still eating games like that up at 1080p. Maybe it's a driver issue?

    I'll be happy to see AMD put pressure on Nvidia and Intel. I have been underwhelmed by skylake, and the the fiasco with the 970 and direct x 12 ticked off a lot of consumers that parted with a lot of money for future proof Nvidia cards. Competition strengthens the breed.
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  • Avatar for INSOMANiAC #4 INSOMANiAC 2 years ago
    @cldmstrsn Witcher 3 is fine, I do have a 120hz monitor but I play generally at 60hz 1080p. I think Im a little disgruntled because I got Batman with it and it ran like shit, then GTA V post patch ran like shit and still has stuttering and big frame drops. Stuff like far cry 4 and Dying light are fine but again, considering its supposed to be the fastest graphics card out there its not the generational leap I would have hoped. 60fps@1440p is out of the question for a lot of new games.
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  • Avatar for INSOMANiAC #5 INSOMANiAC 2 years ago
    Deleted September 2015 by INSOMANiAC
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  • Avatar for INSOMANiAC #6 INSOMANiAC 2 years ago
    Deleted September 2015 by INSOMANiAC
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  • Avatar for INSOMANiAC #7 INSOMANiAC 2 years ago
    Deleted September 2015 by INSOMANiAC
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  • Avatar for cldmstrsn #8 cldmstrsn 2 years ago
    @INSOMANiAC nah I turn some settings down to achieve that and its great. The new patch for AK actually improves things a ton and also I think they fixed that issue in GTA V but I'm not sure on that as I don't have it on PC.
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  • Avatar for INSOMANiAC #9 INSOMANiAC 2 years ago
    @cldmstrsn You see, turning down settings isnt my cup of tea, hence I'd rather play 1080p on full than 1440p on medium but each to their own. I bought the 980ti to be playing games with everything on max for the next 2/3 years like I did with the 670gtx, I just don't thinkg thats going to happen but hopefully I'm wrong. As I say, its the leaps and gains that AMD has in DX12 that currently Nvidia doesnt that worries me going forward, if AMD's midrange graphics cards can outperform 980tis then it suddenly looks like we've bought a real lemon. Still got faith in Nvidia to sort it out though.Edited September 2015 by INSOMANiAC
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  • Avatar for cldmstrsn #10 cldmstrsn 2 years ago
    @INSOMANiAC actually I run everything on high just not Ultra and the fidelity that comes with 1440 more than makes up for it in my opinion and I notice barely any difference from Ultra to high so I'm ok with that at least and I don't run any of the gameworks options and I turn off chromatic aberration and the motion blur cause I have never liked motion blur but that's just Witcher 3 of course. in testing the new AK patch I was getting a solid 40 with everything turned up (except gameworks of course which is to high of a hit on performance for my liking). So hopefully in the next patch and I can get a few more frames.Edited 2 times. Last edited September 2015 by cldmstrsn
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  • Avatar for INSOMANiAC #11 INSOMANiAC 2 years ago
    @cldmstrsn I genuinely cannot get my head around running a game at a higher resolution but a lower framerate. As I say, it's each to their own but I want all my games to run at 60fps minimum, hell, I'd rather play in 720p than lose that smoothness.
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  • Avatar for UnskippableCutscene #12 UnskippableCutscene 2 years ago
    I felt there wasn't ever anything wrong with rebranding either company as Radeon. ATI's prior hardware was basically OEM-supplied cheese like the infamous Rage Pro. The Radeon 9700 that established the company produced something that enthusiast PC builders who wanted high end gaming could buy without compromising from what NVidia and 3Dfx were putting out for years prior.

    Not that PC building ever reached a substantial casual segment, but when they renamed them to "AMD graphics cards" I half expected a WiiU-like confusion over whether they required AMD CPUs to work.Edited September 2015 by UnskippableCutscene
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  • Avatar for Stellaban #13 Stellaban 26 days ago
  • Avatar for johnsmith26 #14 johnsmith26 11 days ago
    This move by AMD in creating Radeon will increase the performance of their processors and graphics systems. Vertical integration will now help the company concentrate on specific field and help in increasing the quality of their products which are already leaders in the market. Its a goof thing for us gamers. Thank you for sharing
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