America's Got Talent Gets Surprise Civilization IV Performance

America's Got Talent Gets Surprise Civilization IV Performance

"When we sing, let us think that we sing forever."

A Los Angeles-based choir called the Angel City Chorale performed Civilization IV's theme song, "Baba Yetu," on America's Got Talent earlier this week. The Swahili song went over big with the audience and panel of judges, and even won a coveted Golden Buzzer from one judge, actress Olivia Munn.

"Baba Yetu," composed by Christopher Tin, is an eastern African take on The Lord's Prayer. It's also the first piece of video game music to win a Grammy award (2011). It's not clear how many-if any-of the judges recognized the piece as a composition from a video game. You can definitely catch a few "Woo!"'s from savvy audience members once the choir gets fired up, though.

Angel City Chorale is a diverse group that contains members aged 19 through 88. Their members make up different races and religions. Their lovely performance is a reminder that music will save us all, and video game music will, I don't know, probably trigger humanity's final evolution or something like that.

If you've never heard the original composition of "Baba Yetu," have a look and listen:

The latest entry in the Civilization series, Civilization VI, arrived earlier this year to solid reviews.

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