The Analogue Super NT Has Been Hacked Just Like the SNES Mini

The Analogue Super NT Has Been Hacked Just Like the SNES Mini

Monkey see, monkey do.

It took just under a week for hackers to jailbreak the SNES Classic, allowing players to upload custom roms into the tiny hardware. Now something similar has happened to the Analogue Super NT, the premium SNES hardware competitor.

On Twitter @SmokeMonsterTWI posted a link to the Super NT Jailbreak on Github (though they say that they're merely the torchbearer for the break). The custom jailbreak firmware will allow plaers to load ROMs from the SD Card slot, bypassing the need for the actual game cartridge.

This is similar to the SNES hacks that theoretically lets owners upload a much larger game library into their systems than the ones pre-loaded onto the console. For the Analogue Super NT, this presumably means that users can expand their library of SNES games beyond their physical cartridge collection.

The Analogue Super NT is a premium emulation hardware that not only plays your physical SNES cartridges, regardless or region, but upscales the games into HD resolution. Super NT founder Christopher Taber says that this is thanks to a proprietary chip that he says can run Nintendo's older games better than Nintendo's own SNES Classic.

It's unclear if games booted through a SD card due to this firmware hack will also upscale the games into HD.

The Super NT has released to rave reviews though it costs more than double a SNES Classic console would, though a Super NT might be easier to find as SNES Classics are still reportedly rare to find out in the wild.

We should note that this is a hack, and not very legal so you risk looking into this subject deeper at your own risk.

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