Analogue's Modern SNES Console Will Also Come With an Exclusive Game

The Super Nt will come with a copy of Super Turrican: Director's Cut.

Just like how Nintendo included the unreleased Star Fox 2 with the release of the SNES Classic this year, Analogue will also include an exclusive SNES release with its own Super Nt retro console.

Analogue's $190 SNES competitor will come with an exclusive copy of Super Turrican. For those of you familiar with Factor 5's SNES game, you'll know that Super Turrican did come out for the system back in 1993. However, that version of the game was edited down from its original 6 Mb cartridge to a 4 Mb cartridge at the behest of its publisher.

As a result, 2 Mb of valuable content was cut from the original release and lost in time. Until now.

Renamed Super Turrican: Director's Cut, each Analogue Super Nt will come packaged with a copy of the revised version of the game along with a SNES-style cartridge box.

Super Turrican: Director's Cut

In a statement to Polygon, Analogue's Christopher Taber says that the Director's Cut of Super Turrican will come with "a new level with new music, more enemies, better sound effects and graphics and even a new way to use the beam weapon[.]"

The Super Nt is different than the SNES Classic in some key ways. First, the Super Nt will actually play SNES cartridges instead of coming with a preloaded library of software. Secondly, Analogue is promising that the custom hardware within the Super Nt will play SNES games in HD better than Nintendo's own retro consoles.

You can pre-order the Super Nt now for $190, with orders expected to ship in February 2018.

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