Analogue's Super Nt SNES Emulator Wants to Do What Nintendon't

The Super Nt costs twice as much but lets you play your physical SNES cartridges.

Do you like your SNES Classic Edition but wished it cost twice as much and played all your old SNES cartridges? Well video game hardware company Analogue has you covered thanks to its upcoming Super Nt console, which not only plays your old SNES cartridges but upscales them into HD resolution.

The Analogue Super Nt comes at the heels of Nintendo's own SNES Classic, just as Analogue's previous emulation hardware, the Nt, came around the time of Nintendo's NES Classic. However, Analogue's hardware isn't just a me-too competitor, but a system that offers features that Nintendo's retro consoles don't. Namely the ability to play old physical cartridges regardless of region.

Super Nt

With the Super Nt, you're no longer limited by the pre-loaded games that come with the SNES Classic. In addition, the Super Nt has a custom chip that its founder, Christopher Taber, says will run Super Nintendo games better than Nintendo's retro consoles.

The Super Nt connects to your TV with a single HDMI cable, but also has controller ports that work with the original SNES controllers. If you don't have one lying around, Analogue partnered with 8Bitdo to produce a series of Bluetooth wireless controllers.

8Bitdo Super Nt wireless controllers

The Analogue Super Nt comes in four different variants and will cost you $190, about a $100 more than the SNES Classic. Still it's much less than the Analogue Nt which cost $450 at launch thanks to its all metal construction.

You can pre-order the Super Nt now with units shipping out sometime early next year.

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