Which Animal is the Biggest Asshole in Red Dead Redemption 2? The Deadliest Animals in RDR2

Which Animal is the Biggest Asshole in Red Dead Redemption 2? The Deadliest Animals in RDR2

The wildlife in Red Dead Redemption 2 is out to get you.

Red Dead Redemption 2 has been out and available for almost a week now. Players have dived into the detailed open-world of Rockstar's ode to the Wild West. And one thing they've learned is that some animals are assholes.

Of the over 200 simulated animals species available in the game, most of them don't get in your way. You'll kill untold number of squirrels and rabbits while simply riding around on your horse. Most birds stay blissfully out of your way. The worst a fish can do is fight you while you're reeling them in. But some of the animals take harassing Arthur Morgan to the next level. They will prod, ram, and even kill you while you're out trying to mind your own business.

Red Dead Redemption 2's Most Dangerous Animals

Here's a few of the worst animal offenders found in Red Dead Redemption 2, in order. These are the most dangerous beasts you can find in RDR2, either through sheer killer instinct or slightly bizarre behaviour (we're looking at you, killer horses!).


Wolves desperately want you dead. If you happen to be out in the wilderness at night, chances are a wolf pack is going to try and take you down. That said, wolves are probably the easiest predator to deal with and the game's story mode will give you ample opportunities. A lone wolf isn't really a problem, it's that the pack can overwhelm you if you're not calm and efficient.


The trick with the alligator is for the most part, they're a low-danger animal. If you stay away, they don't move all that much. You have to approach an alligator for the danger to manifest, like punching God himself in the face. If you decide tempt fate, the gator can and will mess you up in a quick snap.

Good way to get rid of bodies though.


Your horse is a constant companion and loving friend throughout all of Red Dead Redemption 2. It's your primary mode of transportation, always standing by your side. Is that actually true though? One key stranger event that pops up for most players is a horse killing their owner with a well-placed kick. These powerful steeds can also mess with Arthur's life just for fun.

Maybe it's all about revenge. A number of folks have said that they've accidentally punched or shot their own horse. Perhaps horsekind instinctively knows humanity's betrayal is coming and they're trying to even the odds.


Low on the "kill you" scale, but high on the "complete asshole" scale is the majestic deer. To be more specific, the male bucks, who sports a magnificent set of antlers. While deer will generally run away from the mighty countenance of Arthur Morgan, the bucks feel like young jocks doing a fraternity pledge. "See that guy minding his own business? Bet I can knock him out!" And they can. Most of these clips are people doing something completely different before getting ruined by a deer.


The moose is just a bigger deer from the frozen north. Unlike their counterparts from down south though, moose can and will kill you. One minute you're just trying to tame the best horse in the game, the next a moose's mighty antlers are plowing through Arthur and turning his wilderness-hardened body into a fleshy sack of pain.


Generally, when people think of the bear, they think of the slow-moving creature that can sometimes plunder your backpacks while you're camping. Did you know the bear is in fact a murder machine that can run at nearly 35 miles per hour and tear through your tender flesh like an industrial paper shredder?

Bears are pretty easy to spot and they'll let you know they're coming. You should hope your horse doesn't buck you off and leave you to die. Or you happen to walk into a house.


The worst thing you can run into in Red Dead Redemption 2 isn't the bear. As I said, you can hear the bear coming. Cougars on the other hand? They're the master ninjas of the animal world. Frequently, you don't even known a cougar is coming, you just hear the "rawr" before they jump on your back and tear your throat out. Tread carefully in cougar country, my friends.


Actually, strike that. The real worst thing you can run into in Red Dead Redemption 2 is other people. Arthur will scuff someone's boots and minutes later be stuck with a corpse, a Wanted level, and $15 bounty. I guess it's the frontier, but folks are pretty twitchy is the towns and cities of Red Dead Redemption 2. Man's horrible deeds are marked by the Arthur Morgans of the world silently saying, "I just wanted..."

Ah, well. At least I now know the exact price of a life in 1899.

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