Animal Crossing Cat Cosplay Items Will Encourage Your Cat to Pee in Your Shoes

Animal Crossing Cat Cosplay Items Will Encourage Your Cat to Pee in Your Shoes

Dress up your kitty in Animal Crossing: Mew Horizons apparel and die a warrior's death.

Thousands of years ago, a North African wild cat approached a store of grain somewhere near Egypt. "I'll hang out here and get close to humans," it said. "It's warm, safe, and there are plenty of rodents to catch. What could go wrong?"

It's 2020 A.D. and you can go online to buy Animal Crossing-themed costumes for your cats. The selection includes Tom Nook hoods ("Yes, yes!") and dapper kitty-sized shirts with an Animal Crossing print. View the full selection at Needless to say, it's all unofficial, so there's a chance it might get pulled. Let's hope not. Right this second, cats are walking around naked. It's a disgrace, it needs to change, and cat cosplay is a vital step in covering our cats' shame.

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Anyone who's ever owned a single cat knows cats despise being dressed up (even if it's for their own good) and would prefer being dunked in ice water. We still put shirts and little bow ties on them, though. It's an impulse; we can't help ourselves. Is it because cats are perfect predators, so a survival instinct drives us to dampen their pride and confidence by dressing them up? I think it makes sense.


This inspired clothing line doesn't come as a surprise, as Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a monster hit for the Nintendo Switch. People can't get enough of watering flowers, catching sea bass, and cursing Flick and/or CJ for never visiting their town so they can sell their stores of insects and fish for big bells. If you've got the Animal Crossing itch yourself and your cat hasn't torn you to pieces for making it wear a Tom Nook hood, we have a hefty selection of guides that help you live your best digital life.

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