Animal Crossing Fans Get Cute—and Twisted—With Pocket Camp Memes

Animal Crossing Fans Get Cute—and Twisted—With Pocket Camp Memes

The population of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp will never know rest, or peace.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is available to download on mobile, and it's kind of adorable. You may understandably not be impressed by its free-to-play trappings, but the game is hot news right now.

It's also popular social media fodder. While Pocket Camp is most definitely "Animal Crossing Lite," you still spend a lot of time goofing around with (and tormenting) the animal pals we've come to know and love across the years. That said: Roscoe! Why won't you visit my campsite, you sentient sack of dog food? I thought we had something special in Wild World.

Here's some of the cutest / funniest / most disturbing Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp media people have shared across the past few days.

Popular Flipnote animator Kéké made this bouncing Apollo. It's almost … hypnotic.

Wow, the Animal Crossing production of Lord of the Flies is looking really good.

Apollo's beak makes it impossible for him to use a straw, so he just pretends to drink smoothies so he doesn't feel left out.

Thing that bothers me about the Port-o-Potty accessory is how the animals will never actually go in, but they'll stand in front of it for hours. What are they doing? Worshipping it? Presumably someone is in there and the animals outside are waiting for their turn, but a quick head count always reveals everyone's accounted for. So who's in there?

It's going to be tough climbing up the buildings and towers; none of Animal Crossing's little roly-poly bastards can actually jump. Their knees are for show.

RIP in peace, Goldie.

Yeah, these two are never leaving my campsite.

You know what? I'm sold. Give me a game where Crazy Red wraps himself in a white cloak, steals up behind Tom Nook, and slits his throat.

All K.K. Slider can be is himself.

The Circle of Life exists in the Animal Crossing universe, but it's a little different from our own.

The Revolution will not be televised. It will be played out in a theatre of animals.

Even if you're not around, Brewster's Cafe is open 24/7 for weary travellers who've wandered afar.

It's not a question of if Isabelle will cut out your heart for turning your back on the city. It's a question of when.

Enjoy your vacation deep, deep in the secluded woods...

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