Animal Crossing Mobile Delayed

Get together with K.K. Slider and howl a sad song: Animal Crossing isn't coming to your phones and tablets any time soon.

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Nintendo's latest consolidated financial highlights, published earlier today, contains a spot of news that's a little disappointing but not too surprising: The planned mobile iteration of Animal Crossing has been delayed.

We know very little about what Nintendo has in store for Animal Crossing on phones and tablets. We do know it's free-to-play (though whether that means it's actually free-to-play or free-to-start a la Super Mario Run isn't clear), and we also know it was originally due out by the end of the fiscal quarter, which is the end of March 2017.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf Amiibo Update Goes Live

Today's Nintendo Direct was all about inviting Amiibo to your Animal Crossing town.

Nintendo now reports Animal Crossing for mobile will appear "during the next fiscal year." In other words, it might show up as early as April, or it might not hit the digital marketplace for months yet.

Nintendo cites the February 2 release of Fire Emblem Heroes and the March release of Super Mario Run for Android as reasons for the delay. There's a good chance Animal Crossing for mobile is nearly ready for release, but Nintendo understandably doesn't want to crowd its launch schedule.

The delay just means you have more time to get used to the idea of being in debt to Tom Nook again – unless you can pay the resourceful tanuki off for good with a one-time purchase of $0.99 USD.

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