Animal Crossing New Horizons: Bunny Day Recipes List

Animal Crossing New Horizons: Bunny Day Recipes List

There are a variety of new crafting items available as of Bunny Day in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Here's what we've found so far.

New DIY recipes have been added to Animal Crossing New Horizons as part of Bunny Day. They range from new clothing items to furniture. You'll need to collect eggs hidden around your island to use as crafting components, though there's plenty to go around. In this guide we'll list all of the Easter Egg Bunny Day Recipes in the game, so that you can get a reward from Zipper T. Bunny for collecting them all.

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Animal Crossing New Horizons Bunny Day Recipes List

There are a number of Bunny Day-themed DIY recipes to collect in Animal Crossing New Horizons. You'll need to craft all of them to get the reward, except the clothing-themed recipes like the stone-egg shoes:

  1. Bag - 1 of each egg
  2. Bunny Day Arch - 2 of each egg
  3. Bunny Day Bed - 1 of each egg
  4. Bunny Day Wall Clock - 3 Sky Eggs
  5. Bunny Day Wreath - 1 Earth egg, 1 stone egg, 1 water egg, 1 leaf egg, 1 sky egg, 1 wood egg
  6. Crown - 1 Earth egg, 1 stone egg, 1 water egg, 1 leaf egg, 1 sky egg, 1 wood egg
  7. Earth-egg outfit - 3 earth eggs
  8. Earth-egg Shell - 2 earth eggs
  9. Earth-egg shoes - 2 earth eggs
  10. Egg party dress - 3 of each
  11. Egg party hat - 2 of each
  12. Fence - 1 Earth Egg, 1 Stone Egg, 1 Leaf Egg, 1 Wood Egg, 1 Sky Egg, 1 Water Egg
  13. Festive Balloons - 1 Stone Egg, 1 Wood Egg, 1 Water Egg
  14. Flooring - 2 Earth Eggs, 2 Stone Eggs, 2 Leaf Eggs, 2 Wood Eggs, 2 Sky Eggs, 2 Water Eggs
  15. Glowy Garland - 1 of each
  16. Lamp - 4 wood eggs
  17. Leaf-egg outfit
  18. Leaf-egg shell
  19. Leaf-egg shoes
  20. Merry Balloons - 1 sky egg, 1 leaf egg, 1 earth egg
  21. Rug - one of each
  22. Sky-egg outfit
  23. Sky-egg shell
  24. Sky-egg shoes
  25. Stone-egg outfit
  26. Stone-egg shell
  27. Stone-egg shoes
  28. Stool - 3 water eggs
  29. Table - 4 earth eggs
  30. Vanity - 4 leaf eggs
  31. Wall - 2 of each
  32. Wardrobe - 4 stone eggs
  33. Water-egg outfit
  34. Water-egg shell
  35. Water-egg shoes
  36. Wood-egg outfit
  37. Wood-egg shell
  38. Wood-egg shoes

For tips on customizing things you've made, head here.

How to find more Egg Recipes

Zipper T. Bunny will give you your first Egg Recipe, though you will need to find more. To do so, look for bottles washed up on the beach. You can also get them from Egg balloons, just shoot them down with your slingshot. For more on Balloons, head here.

Here's what you can craft | Nintendo

Bunny Day Rewards: What Do You Get For Collecting Them All?

When you first meet Zipper T. Bunny, he'll tell you to collect new recipes. Once you have them all (you don't actually need to collect the clothing recipes), you'll get a reward. Once you've crafted all of the recipes, he'll give you one more to craft (a wobbly Zipper toy). Once you've done this, he'll give you a Bunny Day-themed wand.

There's plenty more Animal Crossing content to be found right here on USG. To see some awesome Roald fanart, head here. For Caty's official verdict on the game, head to her review.

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