Animal Crossing New Horizons: Can Your Slingshot Break?

Animal Crossing New Horizons: Can Your Slingshot Break?

We take a look at how durable the Slingshot is in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Can it break?

You'll make use of a wide range of tools while building up your island in Animal Crossing New Horizons, though most of them will break after a certain amount of uses. One item, the Slingshot, has a slightly mysterious property in terms of durability, and you might be left wondering whether it can break at all. We've covered the topic below.

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Can the Slingshot Break?

The Slingshot will last considerably longer than the rest of your tools in Animal Crossing New Horizons. This is likely because you are actually using it less than the others, only pulling it out to shoot down any balloons you see floating by. Even after shooting down every balloon we came across, our first Slingshot didn't break for a week spent in game. The Slingshot is not invincible however, and will break after repeated use.

What is the Slingshot Used For?

The Slingshot only has one function, at least in the time that we've played. You'll use it to shoot down presents. You can read more in this guide.

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To read our official thoughts on Animal Crossing New Horizons be sure to head over to our review. For a look at some awesome Roald fanart, check out Hirun's write-up.

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