Animal Crossing: New Horizons Gets New Merchants, a Museum Expansion, and More This Week

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Gets New Merchants, a Museum Expansion, and More This Week

Fine art, shrubs, and non-Bunny Day events will keep us all busy.

I know someone who has already completed their museum's fossil collection in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. That person has done a bit of time manipulation, but still, completing a whole museum wing within a month of release was a bit shocking. Worry not: along with news of this week's Nature Day update, Nintendo's also revealed a bunch of new features, events, and merchants to keep us all busy coming soon.

Leif and Redd, two returning characters from past Animal Crossing games, are the April 23 update's big merchant additions. Leif will help kick off the Nature Day event—Animal Crossing's version of Earth Day—this Thursday, and it'll last until May 4. At his cart in the plaza, Leif will sell different types of shrubs, a new-to-New Horizons way to beautify your island. Redd, the series' notoriously shady art dealer, might be a more regular visitor. He's upgraded from his travelling tent to a boat that looks like it docks at the beach toward the back of your island.

With Redd here to sell us wonderful art (or maybe, as is his usual hustle, forgeries), it's only appropriate that the Museum is getting an art gallery expansion. You'll be able to bring the art you buy from Redd to Blathers for appraisal and placement in your island's serene new wing.

In addition to the Nature Day event, which looks like it'll revolve around green thumb Nook Miles tasks, a slew of other upcoming events were previewed in Nintendo's new dispatch. During a May Day event from May 1 to May 7, a special island tour will be available via the Dodo airport (looks like we'll need to do our own May Day demonstrations against Mr. Nook). From May 18 through to the month's end, Blathers will run a Stamp Rally for International Museum Day, during which time players will be able to earn goodies by collecting stamps from various exhibits.

Finally, for the entire month of June, there'll be a somewhat unexpected event running at Harv's island: Wedding Season. In the very cute clip of the event shown in the video, we see Reese and Cyrus—the married alpacas introduced in New Leaf—posing for wholesome wedding photos. Real people are already having weddings in New Horizons, so why not our animal friends?

Timed events aside, it's not clear yet what kind of requirements or conditions you'll have to meet in order to check out all this new stuff. If you're just starting out, you'll likely need your museum up-and-running before you can start wheeling and dealing in the art world—for help with that and more, head over to our New Horizons guide section.

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